Monday, January 9, 2017

Baby Waterman: Week 27

How Far Along? 27 weeks

Size of the Baby: Lettuce (14.4 inches, 1.93 pounds according to The Bump app)

Gender: BOY!!

Weight Gain: +13 pounds for the pregnancy

Maternity Clothes: Yes!! This belly is getting big and there is no way even my looser non-maternity shirts would cover it!

Nursery: Not much change this week--we got a bunch of baby things for Christmas that we need to go through and assemble.

Movement: I don't know if it was that I was really relaxed this week due to not having to work or if it was because I was home with family, but he was moving up a storm.  One morning, I went back up to our room while Tom did some work and fell asleep on my side.  When I rolled over, my stomach was completed lopsided and looked like someone had crushed in the side of a coke can.  Well then, he moved and it just popped back out.  It was the craziest thing for us to see!

Symptoms: No crazy symptoms this week--I have had some congestion since before Christmas, but I'm trying to just use saline rinses and sprays and lots of tissues to get through it!

Sleep: Oh man, sleep has not been my friend this week!  Don't get me wrong, I am very tired but I just cannot seem to fall asleep and stay asleep.  There were two nights while I was home that I was wide awake from 3:30 AM to 6:30 AM when I just finally got up for the day.

Cravings/Aversions: I am not craving milk this week due to all of the congestion.  I was able to go to a local sushi place while I was home and had them make me a non-raw version of one of my favorite rolls--sooo good!

What I Miss: Nothing!

Best Moment of the Week: I loved getting to spend so much time with family this week.  Between spending Christmas with Tom's family and after Christmas/New Years with mine, it was such a nice week.  It was also pretty surreal to think it could be my last time traveling back home before baby boy is here!

Looking Forward To: I am looking forward to getting back to a "normal" routine and start meal planning again.  I feel like everyone around me is setting their resolutions to get in shape and lose weight and I'm over here like "have a baby!" but I definitely miss being in the gym/running and being on a healthy eating regime.  So, my goal is to start meal planning again and incorporating more healthy meals into our rotation--along with some splurges because once the baby comes it's going to be back to eating extremely healthy with only a few cheats!

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