Thursday, December 22, 2016

Baby Waterman: Week 25

How Far Along? 25 weeks

Size of the Baby: Cauliflower (13.5 inches, 1.46 pounds according to The Bump app)

Gender: BOY!

Weight Gain: +13 pounds for the pregnancy

Maternity Clothes: Yes!  Maternity clothes are absolutely essential now with this growing belly.

Nursery: Not much more progress on the nursery this week—I’m slowly starting to sort through all of the stuff that we have stored in that room since we moved in.  I want to take the time to go through everything now and not just end up finding another place to dump it all.  I anticipate a lot of trips to Goodwill in our future.

Movement: Still lots and lots of movement.  Tom even laid his head on my belly the other night and he got punched/kicked right on the cheek—which was pretty funny!

Symptoms: Oh man, I made the mistake this week of eating Baked Spaghetti for dinner Friday night.  I had had homemade beef and vegetable stew and didn’t have any bad side effects so I thought I was safe to keep eating red meat.  Big mistake!  I was up all night with terrible acid reflux and got hardly any sleep which was bad since I had to work early Saturday morning.

Sleep:  Besides Friday night, sleep has been pretty decent.  I’ve fallen into somewhat of a routine where I will fall asleep on my side with my pregnancy pillow, sleep until about 3 or 4 in the morning—somehow in that time ending up on my back, waking up and going to the restroom, and then crawling back into bed, repositioning myself, and falling back asleep for another hour or two.

Craving/Aversions:  I am still craving Mexican food and milk (although not at the same time—Ew!).  Aversions are still red meat, much to my disappointment.

What I Miss: Nothing!

Best Moment of the Week: I have loved that his movements are starting to be more pronounced and more frequent.  It is seriously the coolest feeling ever!

Looking Forward To:  I cannot wait for Christmas!  It is so hard to believe that it is our last Christmas just Tom, Elli, and me!  I want to soak everything in, take time to enjoy the little moments, and spend lots of time with family!

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