Monday, November 14, 2016

Coming Soon: Baby Waterman!

If you follow me on Instagram, you will have seen our exciting news...we are expecting!  We are so beyond amazed and thankful that Baby Waterman will be joining our family in March 2017.

This pregnancy has knocked me off of my game--I have, thankfully, not had any morning sickness but I have been insanely tired and nauseous throughout my entire first trimester.  I am happy to report that the nausea has almost subsided {I am just left with extreme food aversions}, but I am still extremely tired.  I have had one trip to the ER for dizziness which was a result of low blood pressure and dehydration.  I had wanted to start documenting my pregnancy on my blog {and return to blogging more frequently}, but I have just now started to feel like I can adequately compose my feelings/thoughts {I have been very anxious and nervous to start sharing information too early in the pregnancy} and am just now starting to feel like a human again.

My "official" due date is March 29, 2017.  At our ultrasounds, baby is measuring two days behind that, but they said unless it was more than a week they are not going to change the due date.  My "flip day" when I switch to my next week is Wednesday--this Wednesday I will be 21 weeks pregnant.  I have been taking weekly bump photos since Week 10--I chose this week because it was {1} after our first visit with our OB and {2} I thought it was a good number to start with.

Honestly, I don't think it has quite sunken in with either Tom or myself that we are pregnant.  We are so incredibly excited to meet Baby in just a few months, but it just doesn't seem real or that it is really our turn to be parents!  We are finding out the gender on Thanksgiving so I bet that will make it start seeming REAL!  Plus, Baby has starting moving and shaking in my belly and I just love those sweet movements--I cannot wait until Tom can feel them too!

Hopefully this will not be my last post for six months {as my current track record dictates}.  I really want to come back to my little space and start documenting our lives, as mundane as it can be sometimes!  I love that I can go back through my archives and follow our journey from graduating college to finding jobs to getting married to moving into our first home.

I will be back with a look back my bump photos for weeks 10 through 20, as well as how we found out that we were expecting, how we told our families, and a few milestones that happened during those weeks.  Then, I will start on Wednesday with weekly bump updates!

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