Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Baby Waterman: Week 21

How Far Along? 21 weeks...I cannot believe how fast this pregnancy is flying by!

Size of the Baby: Endive {10.5 inches and 12.7 ounces according to The Bump app}

Gender: We had our anatomy scan on 11/9/16 and have been holding on to the envelope since then with the gender--we are staying strong on waiting until Thanksgiving to open!

Weight Gain: At my last visit, I have gained a total of 4 pounds.

Maternity Clothes: Without a doubt!  I felt like as soon as I found out I was pregnant that my stomach starting being extremely bloated and normal clothes were extremely uncomfortable.  I was able to get by up until Week 20 with the side panel pants, but now I am much more comfortable in full panel!

Nursery: We haven't even started converting our guest room to the nursery.  We have plans to move the full size double bed out of that room and replace it with a trundle bed {that way we still have places for family to sleep when they visit}.  We are definitely still in the planning phase!!

Movement: Yes! I started feeling consistent movement at Week 20.  I was starting to get really worried that I hadn't felt anything yet {especially when at Week 12 the nurse asked if I had felt anything!}.  At our anatomy scan, Baby was doing somersaults in my belly and it was absolutely amazing to watch!

Symptoms: I am still super tired, especially at the end of a long day.  My right hip has been bothering me since about Week 15--I know this is not something that is going to go away until Baby is here so I'm just trying to stretch, stay as active as possible, using heat, and getting prenatal massages.

Sleep: I have been having very vivid dreams, including some terrible nightmares.  This week has been a little bit better, but still waking up several times during the night to go to the bathroom or just to get more comfortable.

Cravings/Aversions: I have not had any real cravings yet, but am having some terrible aversions to foods.  I cannot eat red meat without feeling terrible and getting sick, pork is starting to have the same effect on me, and I am about sick of chicken!

What I Miss: My doctor laughed at me when I told her that I miss blue cheese and sushi the most since finding out I was pregnant.  She said most people said wine, but to each their own!  Honestly though, I am so happy about Baby that I will take not having something for 40 weeks to make sure they are happy and healthy!

Best Moment This Week: The best moment of the week was our anatomy scan {technically Week 20, but still within the same week as this update}.  It was hands down the most amazing experience of either Tom or my lives.  I cannot explain how unbelievable cool it was to see Baby moving all around and have the tech reassure us that everything is growing the way it should!

The second best moment of the week was ordering our cupcakes for our gender reveal on Thanksgiving.  I am so glad that Tom went with me to order them...I was so excited about ordering the right flavor cupcakes and handing them the gender envelope that I forgot to tell them to actually pipe in the coordinating color for the gender into the cupcakes!  Tom said "Aren't you forgetting the most important part??"  Ugh, pregnancy brain is real!  As a side note, one of the weird dreams I've had since becoming pregnant was that the bakery piped in yellow icing and didn't give us the envelope back so we had no way of knowing what the gender was!  So at our appointment, I had them write out TWO envelopes with the gender inside just in case!

Looking Forward To: We are looking forward to finding out if Baby Waterman is a girl or boy.  Everyone keeps asking if we have a preference to a gender and we honestly do not care if Baby is a boy or girl.  We just want them to be healthy!  However, we are so excited to find out the gender because that will just make this so REAL!

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