Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Baby Waterman: Pregnancy So Far

This may turn out to be a very lengthy post, but I want to write as much as I can about my pregnancy so far--I don't want to have five or six posts getting up to date all the way to Week 20.  So sit back, this could be a long read!

How We Found Out

Tom and I had been trying for Baby since I got back from running at Disney.  We had a trip planned for the beach with my mom and even though it was a few days early, I wanted to go ahead and take a test before we left the morning of July 15.  The test quickly came back negative, I chucked it in the trash, and tried not to think about it anymore while we were at the beach.  I had been following Weight Watchers since March and had lost 25 pounds before the beach trip.  Up until probably the week before the beach, I had felt so good and not bloated at all!  However, the day we left, I started feeling gross and bloated--not what I wanted when I had felt so good about my progress!  I attributed it to being that time of the month and just tried to get through the week.  I was absolutely exhausted and there was even one day that I had to take a three hour nap!  Again, I just thought that I was just not feeling well and was just thankful that I was on vacation and able to take it easy.

Well, the whole way back the following Friday {July 22}, I thought that I needed to take another test when we got home even though it would be taken in the late afternoon and not first thing in the morning like recommended.  Tom finally just told me to do it as soon as we got back to ease my mind.  As soon as we unloaded the car, I went upstairs to take the test.  I left it on the bathroom counter and came back downstairs.  I told Tom that I was going to check the mail and that I had left the test on the counter that he could go check it if he wanted to while I was gone.  The entire walk to the mailbox and back to the house I told myself that the test was going to be negative, but that was okay because it would give us another month to save money and get better prepared for starting our family.  As soon as I walked in the door with the mail, Tom had a giant smile on his face and said "Congratulations baby..."  I pretty much blanked out everything after that because I just couldn't believe that we were pregnant.  It is finally our turn to be parents!

We had to still go over to his parents house to pick up Elli.  We talked briefly about telling them, but decided we wanted it to be our secret for a little bit before we told anyone.

Telling Our Families

We told my mom first.  I showed her a picture on my phone of the positive pregnancy test, telling her it was my favorite picture from the beach trip.  She just looked at me and then said that she couldn't read it without her glasses!  Don't worry--as long as she knew what the picture was of, she was very excited!!  We spent the rest of the weekend talking about Baby and already planning on when she can come up to be with me when Tom is traveling for work near my due date!

We then told Tom's parents.  We joke that the New York Giants always have good seasons and win the Super Bowl when Tom and I have big life changing events.  For example, they won the Super Bowl the first year we were dating and then they won the year we got married.  So, Tom started talking to his parents just like normal and said "Well, I think that the Giants are going to have a good season...".  At this point, I could tell that his mom had stopped listening because she assumed it was going to be a long-winded sports talk between Tom and his dad.  However, Tom continued "...because you are going to be grandparents."  You should have seen her jump up out of her seat and start jumping up and down and screaming.  {We definitely learned our lesson about showing our parents a tiny picture on our phone...especially when they don't have their glasses handy!}

I next told my dad about Baby.  I called him on my way home from work one evening and was so excited to tell him that he was going to be a grandfather.  I think I totally caught him off guard, but he was very happy to hear the news.  He even managed to keep it a secret until we were ready to tell the rest of the extended family!

Tom and I decided that we wanted to wait to tell our extended family until after our 12 Week appointment.  We just wanted to make sure that everything was okay and that Baby was growing the way they should be.  I was also scared to make a big giant announcement and then have to back track if something were to have happened {can you tell that I have been extremely anxious during this pregnancy?!}.  After our 12 Week appointment, I called my grandmother to tell her that she was going to be a great grandmother.  Again, I think I caught her off guard, but she was so happy!  I'm glad that we have some good news to share and brighten everyone's day!  My grandmother told my grandfather and he called me and we had a long talk about Baby and I could tell how happy the news had made him.  Tom called his grandmother when he got home from work and I could hear her yelling through the phone from the other end of the house!  For the rest of the family, we decided to make announcements to mail out.  We made them with a picture of Elli and it said "I'm going to be a Big Sister!"  Elli is such a big part of our lives and we wanted to make sure to include her in the announcement.

Bump Photos

I started taking weekly bump pictures at Week 10.  Looking back at these, I really wish I would have worn the same shirt throughout all the pictures so that you can really see the growth since some shirts are looser than others!

But here we go...Week 10 through Week 20 in Bump Photos

Alright, I think that is enough for one post.  I am planning on getting a post together on First Trimester must-haves, maternity clothes run through, and a first look at what we are thinking about registering for Baby!

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