Thursday, June 2, 2016

Disney Day 3--Part 2: Epcot Recap

After finishing the Disney Enchanted 10k, we headed back to the hotel to have breakfast, shower, and got ready to head over to Epcot {read the Disney Enchanted 10k Recap HERE}.  On the way to Epcot, we stopped at the runDisney Expo again.  After the success mom had with her Sparkle Skirt, we wanted to look at them again.  I couldn’t decide on what pattern I liked, but Mattie bought one that was red with white polka dots to wear for the Half Marathon the next day. 

When we got to Epcot, we made the executive decision to go at our own pace.  We had reserved a few Fast Passes, but ended up not using any.  We decided that we wanted a low-key day in the park and not to have to go by any set schedule besides our dinner reservations.

{The only picture we managed to get at Epcot--oops!}
We walked around the park {after I stopped at the Starbucks to get the Epcot Starbucks mug} to get a lay of the land and decide where we wanted to go.  There is not much “to do” at Epcot in comparison to Magic Kingdom.  We walked all throughout the World Showcase and stopped to browse the stores, look at restaurant menus, grab a gelato from Italy, and go on the ride in Mexico {which is super cute and has the same characters as the Three Cabelleros if you have seen that Disney movie.}

To be perfectly honest, I was a bit disillusioned in Epcot by the masses of adults that were there drinking through the countries.  They all were talking about placing bets on who could drink the most and who would get sick first that it just really made me antsy and upset that people would be doing that at Disney around a bunch of kids.  Plus, we were all absolutely exhausted which probably made us more sensitive to everything.

After seeing all that we could see in the park, we headed over for our reservations in Italy.  Dinner was nice since we got to sit “outside” in a little sunroom.  I wasn’t blown away by our meal, but again compared to our dinner the night before in Cinderella’s castle, nothing comes close to that!

We left the park and drove over to Downtown Disney.  Boy did we pick the wrong day to go over there!  With the runDisney races, there were tons of discounts and promotions for the runners to take advantage of at Downtown Disney.  They definitely were taking advantage of them, too!  It was jam packed full.  We were all so tired from our early morning and wearily looking forward to the early morning the next day, so we only spent a little time here.  We grabbed some ice cream from Ghirardelli, window shopped through some of the stores, and I hit up Basin to grab some bath bombs and body lotion {which are all amazing, by the way!}.  We headed back to the resort to try to grab some sleep while we could!

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