Tuesday, July 21, 2015

26 for 26

Let me blow the dust off of my blog and see if I will ever be able to get back into a somewhat regular habit of posting.

I turned 26 years old on Friday and feel like it was just last week I was turning 25 and setting goals of what I wanted to accomplish during the year.  Of course, that was during one of my {many} breaks from blogging so there is nothing tangible to go back to look at to judge my rate of success.

I thought a good way to attempt getting back into blogging was to create a list of resolutions, if you will.  Resolutions for what I want to accomplish in the 365 days until I turn 27.

  1.  I want to make working out a top priority.  When I turned 25, I was a few months into running and just three months away from running my first 5k.  Since then, Tom and I have run in two 5k’s and one 5-miler.  My sister and I are running a Disney race in February {my first 10k} and Tom and I are planning on running at least one 5k and 5-miler before that.  I by no means feel like a “runner”—in fact, I still can’t stand doing it most days.  But, I want to be better at it and if there is any bit of a competitive side of me, I know I can accomplish this!
  2. Learn how to manage money and budget!  This is huge for me—I know I drive Tom crazy with my spending habits and I have tried very hard in the past year to limit them.  I know that I can do a lot better and it is helping that we are keeping track of all our expenditures so I can see exactly where we are hemorrhaging money each month {the food category and the “miscellaneous” are getting extreme workouts!}.
  3. Disconnect from technology early each night.  I am very guilty about this one.  Tom and I will go up to bed and then I’ll spend another hour looking through blogs and Instagram before it even occurs to me to get ready to go to sleep.  Then I’m surprised when I wake up exhausted the next morning!
  4. Enjoy time with Tom and Elli more.  I feel like every weekend is packed with running to the grocery store, Target, Sam’s Club, and who knows where else.  I really want to make it a priority to knock these places out either during the week or Friday night so that we can enjoy our time together doing fun things and not running all of our errands while Elli has to stay at home.
  5. Read more!  I set myself a challenge on Good Reads to read 60 books this year.  I am on my way to that goal, but I have definitely dropped off the reading front in the past couple of months.  I need to get back on the wagon if I want to make it to 60 this year!
  6.  Explore our area: We live in coastal Virginia and there is so much to do here!  We have been up to Williamsburg, but have yet to go to Jamestown or even further into the historical area we live in {I am a history major so it is a definite must we check everything out}.
  7. Take more pictures: I feel like as soon as I fell off the blogging wagon, I stopped taking pictures.  This is terrible!  I feel like we have gone a whole year without pictures to remember our exciting times together!  This has to change this year!
  8. As a follow-up to #7, I would like to actually PRINT pictures this year.  And maybe even find the time to put them into a scrapbook.  What good are all the pictures sitting in the cloud somewhere, not to actually have them printed out to enjoy?!
  9. Document our lives—here we go, my big proclamation that I am BACK to blogging.  But to be honest, I don’t want to go back to feeling like this is something that I HAVE to daily and if I get four days behind then why bother coming back.  However, I feel like the year between graduating college and getting married that I blogged non-stop and that it is a very good representation of that time in our lives.  I miss blogging just for the sake of documenting what we are doing on a daily basis, even if it is just plain boring to everyone but me.  I also miss the community that I had formed.  I would also like to do more within the community—“meet” more people and expand the blogs that I read on a daily basis.
  10. Majorly de-clutter our house:  This is something that I feel like has been a work in progress for three years.  When I moved from college to Tom’s parents’ house, everything I owned got put into boxes and into storage for the year we lived with them.  When we moved into our apartment, everything got moved, but not everything got sorted through.  Low and behold, those same boxes got moved to our house almost two years ago and have yet to be emptied.  Not only that, but we have continued to accumulate things through wedding presents and just shopping for our house.  We have got to get organized and get rid of stuff that doesn’t fit, we don’t like, we don’t use…
  11. Take better care of myself—let’s face it, I’m not getting any younger.  While I have already said that I want to make working out a top priority this year, I also want to focus on healthy eating, getting more sleep, and actually going to the doctor.  This is terrible that I have to make this one of my goals as I actually work in a doctor’s office, but I haven’t been to have a well check in over two years!  And I haven’t been back to the dermatologist’s office since I had a pre-cancerous mole removed four years ago.  This is bad, guys.  This year I want to focus on taking care of myself and getting everything in order.
  12. I would like to understand our finances, investments, and how we are saving for our future.  To be honest, one of the nicest things that Tom’s parents have done for us is setting us up with a financial adviser.  However, whenever he starts talking I feel like my eyes glaze over and he is speaking a different language.  I would really like to achieve at least a basic understanding of where our money is going and how we can better save for our future {while still having money on hand for fun and emergencies}.
  13. Learn to handle monkey-wrenches with grace: This is something that I really need to work on.  You know that saying “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”?  Yeah, I seem to just act like I squeezed the lemon juice all over papercuts.  So, my goal this year is to learn how to quickly and gracefully recover from plans going wrong.  Because, let’s face it, life rarely goes according to plan.  I also need to learn to stop comparing our lives to everyone else’s and getting upset because we aren’t in the same phase of life that others are—our time will come.
  14. Going off of #13, I would like to go more with the flow—maybe stop trying to make lists and lists of things that I need to accomplish and just enjoy an afternoon relaxing at home reading a good book.  I need to learn that not everything in our lives has to go at a breakneck pace!  I would also like to learn to be more patient and not get so stressed out all the time!
  15. Start a family tree.  This may seem silly, but I think it would be so incredibly cool to be able to see how far back I can trace our family and find out where everyone originated from. {Note to self: e-mail grandmother and get a list of parent/grandparent names to start the search!}
  16. Put up pictures on the walls.  I guess this comes from living in rental apartments throughout college and our first year of marriage, but we barely have anything up on our walls in our house.  We need to get one more delivery of furniture later this summer {because not only do I not like to unpack for many years but apparently I like to keep accepting new furniture from family} and we can decide if we want to paint any walls and then we can put up pictures!  I’m thinking of doing a gallery wall up the stairs and maybe at the end up the upstairs hallway…we will see!
  17. Learn modern calligraphy—this seem like such a silly thing, but I just love how beautiful modern calligraphy can be!  I don’t know what in the world I would do with this talent, but I think it would be fun to learn how!
  18. Watch more movies and finish off television series: This may seem silly to put on this list, especially since Tom and I watch too much TV as it is, but we used to go to the movies a ton when we were in college and I feel like we don’t go at all anymore.  We also have started watching several TV shows that we just left hanging…we need to actually finish them!
  19. Establish a cleaning schedule and stick to it!  This may be the hardest thing on the list for me…I tend to put off cleaning until we have someone coming over and then scramble to get everything straightened up.  I feel that if I have a cleaning schedule {ie: vacuum on Monday, deep clean kitchen on Tuesday…} that maybe I would be able to keep things under control and then when someone comes over, I’m not running around cleaning like a madwoman!
  20. Appreciate how lucky I am—I am 26, married to the man of my dreams for three years, have a fantastic dog that we are crazy about, we own our own house, and very good jobs.   I need to stop stressing about the future and focus on the NOW.
  21. Enjoy the little things: checking out books from the library and discovering a new favorite series, savoring a cup of coffee with Tom and talking about what our day is going to hold, ditching a Saturday morning workout in favor of cooking a big breakfast with Tom, finding $20 in a coat that hasn’t been worn since February…I need to appreciate all the little joys found in every day.
  22. Cook a new meal at least once a month—I would love to say once a week, but I want to set attainable goals!  I cooked a few new meals last year and they were all a hit, so I need to branch out!  We get stuck in such a rut with our dinners; it’s fun to spice it up!
  23. Get better about logging our meals—this definitely builds on both getting healthy and cooking different meals.  By keeping track of what I eat in a day, I can catch what I am missing out on in my diet, narrow in on what I need to cut back on, and see what meals we need to add in to our rotation.
  24. Drink more water—again this may seem easy to some, but I definitely need help with this!  I end up just not drinking anything during the day while I’m at work and then guzzle water at night.  I need to drink this throughout the day—I definitely notice a difference when I drink a lot of water vs. when I don’t!
  25. Transfer all old pictures from my old laptop to the cloud/storage device.  I cannot believe that I haven’t done this yet!  I have got to get my act together, because I would be devastated if all of my old pictures got accidentally deleted!
  26. Go through all of our paperwork and shred what we don’t need anymore, move to a fire safe what we need to keep in the house, and get a safety deposit box for things we don’t need immediate access to.  Recently, we had a family member have her house burn down and it scares me to think that we could lose anything important.

This list is by no means in correct numerical order by importance—I probably should have jotted down notes so that I could have kept my thoughts together more.

I’ll say this again—I want to make blogging more of a priority in my life.  I hope that I can get things organized and get back to blogging regularly!

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