Monday, September 8, 2014

What I'm Loving

Happy Monday!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful weekend!  We sure did, but as always, it went by way too fast!  My husband and I are currently training for our first 5k.  Now to some a 5k may not seem like a lot, but 4 months ago I couldn't even run for 30 seconds without having to stop!  I'll do a more extensive post about where I am now and what I have found are essential to "surviving" the training process soon!

I thought I would try to find a way to ease myself back into blogging on a more (hopefully) regular basis with a few posts that I can crank out without too much thought and get the blogging juices flowing again (especially since we have been living in our house for a YEAR and we still have yet to unpack everything and I am finally able to even find my computer among the mess!).

So without much more explanation, here are a few things that I am loving lately!

1} I woke up with the wonderful USA Today update that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expecting their second child!  I do not know where my obsession with any and all royal comes from, but I am fully enthralled with the Duchess of Cambridge.  She is just the epitomy of style to me and I cannot wait to follow along with this pregnancy {and probably stalk the exterior of a hospital for hours on end...again}.

2} Reading!  I have finally found the time to start actively reading again--especially since football is in full swing again!  While Tom is watching the games, I usually camp out beside him with a coffee or tea and read for the duration!  Any good book recommendations??

3} Tom and I have been trying to eat more healthy food lately which means that we have been cooking more of our meals at home.  I have loved trying to things--I usually stick to what I absolutely KNOW how to cook and don't branch out.  We have also discovered lots of tasty things from Trader Joe's lately that I might just share in a later post.  The hardest thing for me to cut out are sweets--from milkshakes to candy, it has been a struggle!  However, I did have a moment of weakness yesterday and bought some Trolli sour gummy eggs at the drugstore and when I started eating them, I couldn't even stand them!  I guess eating "good sweets" {FRUIT!} has become much more appetizing to me!

4} I cannot wait for cooler weather!  Now, I do not want to wish summer away because I know when we are in the depths of winter I am going to be praying for warmer weather, but it has been so sweltering hot lately that I just am wishing for mid-60's to low-70's!  We tried to run outside the other night (we have been strictly training in the gym for the past month or so due to the heat) and it was brutal!  I am just dreaming of running on a cool October morning and I cannot wait!

5}  I am so excited to finally get back to blogging!  This past year has flown by--we bought our townhouse last August and it feels like I blinked and we have lived here for a year!  We still have boxes to unpack, and let's face it, if we've lived without it for a year, we probably don't need it! A big reason why I haven't blogged at all is that our office was a disaster zone--a catch-all for everything that we didn't want to unpack!  I have started to sift through the mess and can at least see the top of the desk to get to the keyboard to type!  I am very sad that I have missed documenting a whole year of our life, but here is to (hopefully) staying somewhat consistent from here on out!

I am loving so much more right now, but I have to go switch over a load of laundry so I'm going to leave y'all with that!

Have a wonderful Monday!

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