Wednesday, September 10, 2014

My Running Story

Around the end of May, Tom and I made the decision to start running with the goal to run our first 5k at the beginning of October.  To be completely honest, this scared me to death.  I have NEVER been a runner.  In fact, when I was a cheerleader in high school, I would actually dive under flyers that were falling to save them from hitting the mat because the rule was if anyone hits the mat, you run laps!  {Not the smartest thing I ever did, running laps would have been better than dislocating my shoulder!}

When we started running, I could run for 30 seconds and I was done.  Not even a 10 minute walk would allow me to run for another 30 seconds.  I honestly thought that I could not do this and that Tom should just continue training without me.  But...I kept going.

I slowly began to progress to being able to run for two 30-second runs, coupled with walking for 5 minutes in between.  It went to more 30-second runs and shorter walks.  We bumped the 30-second runs to 45-seconds then to 1-minute.

We went "hard" for a few weeks and then suddenly I was facing crippling knee pains.  I try not to complain and just fight through most pains, but this was the worst pain I have ever been in {including dislocating my shoulder twice}.  I could not even walk up the stairs without grimacing in pain.  Again I thought, "There is no possible way I can do this.  I am NOT a runner and never have been a runner."  I would go running/walking {to be honest, there was a lot more walking than running at this point} and then immediately come back, take some Advil, and alternate heating and icing my knees.

I was really worried that I would not be able to go on.  My body was rebelling and I didn't know what to do.  When we started out running, I didn't want to invest too much, since we didn't know how long I would stick this out.  As a last ditch effort to keep this running train going, I broke down and ordered Mueller knee bands that offer support and a new pair of running shoes.

Slowly but surely, the knee pain started to lessen and lessen.  It was miraculous that simply changing my running shoes could solve such terrible pain!

We are less than 4 weeks to our race and I ran my first "official" 5k at the gym this past weekend.  My time for my first and second mile were my personal bests, but the last mile kicked my butt!  However, my motto has become, "I am doing it.  I am getting the miles in.  I have accomplished so much more than I ever thought possible."

At the end of the day, I am still my worst critic.  However, when I look back on where I was only FOUR months ago and where I am now, I am shocked at the progress.   I just have to keep getting out there and putting in the miles.  I don't go to work in the morning dreading going to the gym at night.  In fact, there are some days that I have to remind Tom that we are going to the gym!  It has become such a second nature for us--one of our biggest reasons for never taking advantage our community gym was that we didn't have the time.  All I can say is: there is always the time, you just have to find it!  We are not even sacrificing time together or time watching our shows.  We just have restructured our evenings and there is even still plenty of time to take Elli on her long nightly walk!

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Anonymous said...

Good for you! I remember when I started running and 30 seconds would completely wind me... but slowly, I built up stamina and started running regular 5Ks. Running is really hard, but just remember how far you have come!

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