Monday, April 8, 2013

Easter 2013

This year for Easter, Tom, Elli, and I drove down to North Carolina to celebrate with my family.  The plan was to drive down after work on Thursday, but both of our cars were having problems on Wednesday, so we decided it would be safer to drive down early Friday morning.

We arrived in town around lunch time and spent the day running errands to prepare for Easter.  We picked up the ham in a town close by, ate lunch at my favorite barbeque restaurant {even though I don't like barbeque, they have the best cheeseburgers!--Lexington Barbeque, or as locals call it The Monk}, and then hung out at the house.

Saturday, my sister and I went shopping with my grandmother in Greensboro.  I had my eye set on a new pair of Jack Rogers.  The last time I bought an "everyday" pair, I got black ones, but it limited what I could wear them with.  So, this time I went with platinum ones and I am so excited to start wearing them!  While we were shopping, I saw the most beautiful periwinkle necklace at J. Crew--it has these flower/medallion pieces around the neckline.  It was beyond beautiful, but I knew that Tom would be furious if I spent that kind of money on it!  And of course, it is sold out online.  If any of y'all know where I could find a good replica of it, let me know! I am in love with it!

On Sunday, we started out celebrating Easter with my mom's family over at my aunt's house.  It was so delicious--normally, I have a hard time finding something to eat on Easter because I absolutely do not like ham.  This year, they made cucumber sandwiches, chicken salad sandwiches, a ham, and all sorts of yummy sides!

Later that day, we headed over to my dad's parents' house to celebrate with his side of the family.  Dinner was so delicious--along with the ham, they made beef tenderloin and chicken breasts that were out of this world!

As per usual lately, I didn't take too many pictures {I have got to get better about this}, but treasure the ones that I did take!

{Me, Mom, and Mattie}

{Me and Tom}

{Me and Mattie}

{Me, Dad, Mattie}

We had just missed my cousin Lilli being in town from Texas {she was one of my bridesmaids--see post here}.  At our wedding, she told us that she was knitting us a blanket for our gift like our great-grandmother used to do for everyone that got married.  Well, while she was in town, she left it for us!  We absolutely love it, Lilli, and will always cherish it!

{Me with the blanket, Tom trying to avoid another picture}

I am so happy that we were able to make it back to my hometown for Easter.  It is hard for us to make it back for holidays with our work schedule, but I am so happy that we made it work!

I hope everyone had a happy, healthy, and blessed Easter!

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