Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Snow Day

Two Fridays ago, the meteorologists were calling for snow.  We had already been fooled twice before with snow forecasts, as well as teased with 70+ degree days, so we did not have our hopes up.

The snow was supposed to start at 1:00 {which is my lunch break} so I spent my entire lunch break sipping on a venti non-fat caramel latte waiting--hoping for snow.

Unfortunately, the great blizzard of 2013 did not arrive at 1:00...

Fast forward to 3:00.

Man, oh man, did 3:00 hit like a giant white fluffy blanket right out of the dryer.

I ran to look out the window when the first trickle of kids came through the office shouting "IT'S SNOWING OUTSIDE!" in the excited voices that only kids can muster.

It was absolutely pouring snow--giant, beautiful snowflakes!  The parking lot of the pediatrician's office that I work at was completely covered in thirty minutes!  Whispers of closing early spread through the office, but we decided to wait until all of the patients had left to go home.

I live about fifteen to twenty minutes away from work on a day with moderate traffic.  It took me over an hour and a half to make it home.  It took poor Tom {we live about forty-five minutes away from his work} three and a half hours to get home from work--and he left at 3:00!

I was so happy when my little family was all together and we could truly start to enjoy the snow!

Elli absolutely loved it!  It was not her first snow, but I think it was the first one that she really could go outside and enjoy herself in.  Friday night, we let her off of the leash next to our apartment building and she ran atomic circles around the snow, sticking her nose in the snow, and occasionally wiping out because she was running so hard.  I was so overjoyed seeing how absolutely happy she was.

Apparently the excitement of snow had not worn off the next morning, either!  We took her out early before the neighborhood kids would disturb the snow and she absolutely took off when she saw that there was still snow on the ground!

Our snow day of 2013 was absolutely magical!  I was so happy that it fell on a Friday night/Saturday morning so that Tom and I didn't have to worry about work and we could enjoy time with our little girl!


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