Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Puppy and Her Pig

My sweet little girl's fourth birthday is Thursday!  {Can I just say, that I can't believe that the underweight puppy we adopted is going to be four already!  It seems like just yesterday she was staging the great escape out of her zip-up kennel and causing minor destruction of my apartment while I was at work!}  Tom and I were already planning on going to Petsmart this past weekend to pick her up some more dog food and I decided that I would get her a birthday present while we were there!  I picked her up a Kong tennis ball-material retriever toy {we got Tom's parents' dog one for Christmas and every time Elli goes over to their house, she automatically goes looking for that thing!}.  Tom pointed out the "indestructible" pig toy that we always look at while we are there, but never buy. Something convinced me that I just HAD to have this toy for Elli.

When we get home, we drop the bags in the kitchen and go to the guest bedroom to let Elli out of her kennel.  She immediately runs in to the kitchen to inspect our purchases.  Before I can get to the kitchen, I hear the shopping bags rustling and she has the pig out of the bag!  So much for waiting until her actual birthday!!

She is absolutely in love with this pig.  It is so big, the only places that she can pick it up to carry it around are the ears and the nose, but that doesn't stop her!

I am so glad that I just decided to spend the money on the "expensive" dog toy--her happiness is all that matters! {We are in BIG trouble when we actually have human children...I am going to have S-U-C-K-E-R written on my forehead!}


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