Monday, December 17, 2012

Catching Up: Thanksgiving

The Monday before Thanksgiving, I broke down and went to the doctor after not feeling well the entire weekend before.  My dad, Betsy, and my grandparents were coming to town for Thanksgiving and I did not want to be sick/contagious for when they came up.  Turns out, I had/have bronchitis and walking pneumonia, but I was not going to let that get me down!  I went to work the next day, but was sent home after lunch because I could not stop coughing {one of the benefits of working at a doctor's office--they know when you are truly sick!}.  They told me to go ahead and stay home the next day, too, which allowed me to get plenty of rest before the holiday.

I did have a cutie pie keeping me company...

And found out that this soup is amazing!

For Thanksgiving, we all were going to Tom's parents' house, since they have a bigger place and could host that many people.  I offered to make the green rice, banana pudding, and apple pie.

Dad, Betsy, M, and Poppop arrived in the early afternoon on Thanksgiving and we were all so excited to see them!  We spent a little while catching up and then I road to Wal-Mart with Dad and Betsy.  I am not kidding, there were already people sitting next to the palettes of the Black Friday deals that they wanted.  Apparently, Wal-Mart cuts open various different displays at different times and this woman was camped out, complete with chair and all, waiting for her display to be opened up so she could grab the four-burner crock pot.  Craziness.

We had such a delicious meal and SO MUCH FOOD!  We were definitely well fed for Thanksgiving!

Tom and I made it out for Black Friday (well, it was still Thursday) shopping at Target.  Tom got a new Playstation 3 and I got an electric toothbrush, ha!  Honestly, I am thrilled with my new toothbrush, and I'm sure I might play some on his Playstation, too!

On Friday, Tom, Tom's mom, my dad, Betsy, M, Poppop, and myself all headed up to Williamsburg for the day.  We had such a wonderful time walking around and little elves must have been working all night because Christmas decorations had started to go up!  I absolutely love Williamsburg at Christmas!

After we got back from Williamsburg, we went to a great dinner over in Virginia Beach at Waterman's {no affiliation to us, unfortunately!}.  It was absolutely amazing!  If y'all are ever in the Virginia Beach area, I highly recommend it!

On Saturday, we just had a low key day.  Tom and Poppop hung out at the apartment watching football, while Dad, Betsy, M, and I ran back over to Virginia Beach to hit The Fresh Market and Trader Joe's.  We picked up some fantastic food for us to snack on for dinner.  On the way back, we decided we wanted to stop in to Target.  Well, my fabulous navigation skills kicked in and we missed the exit so had to take another and go in the back way.  It was a good thing we did, because we came across the best bistro/market!  It is called Taste and is apparently a local chain.  Oh my goodness, y'all, this place is awesome!  It has the most delicious pimiento cheese and basil aioli!  So good!  Plus, they sell Orangina which is one of my favorite drinks!!

It was so much fun having part of my family here for Thanksgiving.  It is so hard not being able to go home for holidays, but having them here made it a little bit easier!


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