Monday, November 5, 2012

Random Thoughts for Monday

Since it has been forever and a day since I last did an actual post with substance, this post is going to be random, all over the place, and probably not make too much sense.  But, as I keep telling myself, that is okay!  I am trying to get back in to a new routine and making blogging a priority, not just something that is on the back burner.

  • We still have piles of *stuff* all over our apartment.  *Stuff* that has no where to go...except to stay in the piles that they are in.  I am overwhelmed because almost everything is where it should be, except for these piles that truly have no rhyme or reason but are just piled. will get better!  {I save *stuff* because the word I actually want to say is not blog appropriate!}

  • Tom and I have found several television shows that we just cannot get enough of!  A few months ago, I twisted Tom's arm until we watched it convinced Tom to watch The Walking Dead on Netflix.  After the first episode, we were hooked!  If you haven't watched it yet...give it a shot!  Each episode is like watching a much happens!  The season that just started in October has been by far the most action packed 4 episodes of any show I have ever watched!! So, so good!

  • I also started watching Downton Abbey on my day off.  Now, I will be honest, this show took me about two episodes to fall head over heels for, but I cannot wait for the new season to premiere here!  It's on Netflix Instant View, too, so if you haven't tried it, I highly recommend it!

  • We also have fallen in love with 2 Broke Girls {Last TV show bullet point, I swear!}.  Something about this show just cracks us up!!  I got the first season from Netflix {by not having it on Instant View} and we watched the entire first season in a week!!  It was so funny and we are loving watching this season!

  • I have found some makeup/skin care products I love from Target.  I have very sensitive skin, so have stayed away from drugstore brands for a long time since it would always mess my skin up.  But, recently I have found some products that work so well, I just could not justify spending a whole lot of money on them from department store brands.  Now, don't get me wrong, I still love me some Bobbi Brown--just some things like mascara are not worth spending a ton of money on when I have to go through two tubes a month {or else my eye lashes get dry, brittle, and fall, am I strange?!}  I'll do a post soon with my new finds!

  • Elli has really started to settle into her new routine.  She got so used to living with us at Tom's parents' house--she never had to go in her kennel, she never had to be on a leash, and she always had company with her "uncle" Simba {Tom's parents' dog}.  I was worried that we would be depriving her of something by taking her with us to the apartment because she would have to completely relearn apartment living {being on a leash, going in her kennel when we were at work, not having her newly accquired "snack" in the afternoons because Grandmomma {Tom's mom} gives in to two demanding dogs...but I am so surprised and happy at how well she has adjusted to her new normal. I think she likes that I am home Saturday-Monday {I only work Tuesday-Friday} so she gets a break from the kennel.  She has definitely found her laying down spots in the apartment though...

{She loves looking out over everything, definitely my little guard dog!}
  • The weather in Virginia has been so strange this fall!  We had 80 degree weather for the first part of October and then Sandy rolled through and dropped the weather down to the 40's!  So, my work wardrobe has been quite interesting lately, because I'm either fighting the air conditioning at work or the cold outside!  This sweater {from TJ Maxx} has become my favorite, it's camel and black stripes that alternate in size and the sleeves are 3/4 length, perfect for the changing weather!!  Plus, I'm loving my pearl cluster necklace from Bridier Baubles!!

  • I do have one question for y'all though...where in the world do you find a good pair of leggings that are not see through?!  I have been looking and they are all sheer as can be!  I would love some to pair with boots and my longer sweaters for a comfy outfit, but I am not having any luck finding any!  So any guidance you lovely ladies could offer me would be fantastic!!

Okay, I think that's enough of my random thoughts for one day!  Have a fantastic Monday!!


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Sweet Carolina Wife said...

I am SO obsessed with Downton Abbey! You don't have to wait until January - here is Season 3! :)

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