Monday, October 15, 2012

Moving... so not my thing!


I have been all out of sorts since we moved at the end of September. So much so, I have neglected my beloved blog! I am still reading all of yours, though!


I posted this picture on Instagram a few days ago. I have a feeling after y'all see this, you will think I need to rename my blog to " Courtney's Unorganized Chaos"!

I cannot stand living in clutter, but I know that it is all going to come together...eventually!


I have a few ideas for upcoming posts, but would love some feedback of what y'all would enjoy me posting about!


Have a good Monday!

1 comment :

Bev said...

I hate moving!! But what an opportunity for total makeovers in your house!!

Love your seat covers on those chairs BTW! Good luck de-cluttering girlie!

xo, Bev

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