Sunday, August 5, 2012

Ten Things

I haven't done a post like this in a long and since I have some new followers I thought I would do another one so maybe y'all could learn a few new things about me!!


{One} Tom and I have been living with his parents since last June. We were planning on getting married right after graduation last year, but realized things like jobs and insurance were kind of important when starting a life together. So, instead of making us continue our relationship long distance, his family invited me to live with them while we got our lives on the right track. Here we are, one year later still living with them! Good news though...Tom and I found an apartment that we are in love with and are moving at the end off September!!


{Two} This might not come as a surprise to most of y'all, but I love to shop. I get so excited every time I go shopping or when those fabulous emails arrive in my inbox at 11:00 everyday from Rue La La! It gets me in trouble some times, but I am trying to cut back!! I have got to save money to furnish our new apartment!


{Three} I am loving being a wife! Even though Tom and I have not been able to live a "normal" married life, I just love being able to wake up and go to sleep next to the man I love! {Let's be honest thought, when I say next to I really mean near...usually Elli is in the middle!


{Four} I consider Elli to be my child, even though she is my puppy. I could not imagine our lives without her. She brings so much joy to our little family! Plus, she is insanely smart {I am a very biased mama!}


{Five} I am allergic to chlorine and latex. Both make me break out in awful rashes. It is no fun, because beside the obvious of not being able to go swimming in chlorine pools, I can't go near the indoor pools at the YMCA, use certain laundry detergents, and in extreme cases, some shower water in "unfamiliar" places all make me break out!


{Six} When I was in fifth grade, I pulled out almost all of my eyelashes. I still have to be very careful when I'm anxious or nervous about something because I'll start picking at my eyebrows or my eyelashes. Wow, this makes me sound crazy! What is interesting though, is that Olivia Munn came out and says that she also has this same problem, which has a crazy medical term associated with it.


{Seven} I could live off of fresh fruits and vegetables. I just love them! Especially during the summer, I could eat my weigh in fresh peaches and strawberries!


{Eight} I love finding presents for other people. I get so excited when I find the perfect present for people--sonething I know, without a doubt they are going to love!


{Nine} My middle name is the same name as my mom and my grandmother and I plan on passing it on if I have a daughter one day.


{Ten} I have an obsession with looking at home decor. However, when I am faced with the prospect of decorating our future home, I am completely unsure of what I want to do. In my college apartment, everything was the same color--AQUA. From the throw pillows and blanket on the couch, to my bedspread, to the towels in the bathroom, EVERYTHING was aqua! I am so scared that I will do that again in our new place!


Well, I hope you guys learned a few new things about me and I hope I haven't scared you off! If you do something like this on your blog, post a comment with a link to it, so I can get to know y'all better!


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Allison said...

Loved getting to know you better! I have recently got a few new followers so I will be doing something like this soon!! & I am the same way when it comes to decorating... I know what I like but have no idea how to bring it all together!

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