Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Meet Claire...

Right before our wedding, I was suffering from terrible acne. As a teenager, I was incredibly lucky when it came to my skin; I would have the occasional blemish, but applying some rubbing alcohol at night almost ensured that I would wake up without the blemish. So, when I started suffering from cystic acne right before the biggest (and most photographed) day of my life, I had no idea what to do.


I decided my first course of action should be to try over the counter acne treatments. My problem was that I have very sensitive skin. So, basically I was making my skin even worse by trying to treat the acne.


Next, I talked to my doctor about my options and she prescribed me an acne cream. I was to apply it twice a day to my entire face. Again, I had the same issues: I was overdrying my face with the acne medication and causing my skin to break out even more! I tried just spot treating, but didn't see any results.


For almost a year, I had been debating over buying a Clarisonic. They are definitely an investment and not something that I could just go out and buy and not have thought a lot about it. I was at my wits end and our wedding day was fast approaching. After reading many, MANY reviews, I finally decided to buy the Mia. I decided to buy the one-speed Clarisonic Mia because most of the reviews I read comparing the Mia to the Mia 2 said that they hardly used the second speed.




I chose the Berry color, because we all know that the color definitely helps!! As for face wash, I ordered the small bottle of philosophy's purity. I absolutely love it--it makes my skin feel so clean and refreshed. The first few times I used the Clarisonic I was absolutely amazed (and grossed out) at how much of my makeup was coming off. When I used to just wash my skin, almost no makeup would come off and I just assumed there was no makeup to come off!


No matter how cute my hot pink Mia may be, the most important thing is the results! And...my results were spectacular! After using the Mia for just over two weeks (the time between when I got my Mia and the wedding) my skin was a night and days different! All of my cystic acne was gone...and I was getting fewer and fewer blemishes. Now that I've been using it for a little over two months, I will say that I do still get the occasional blemish, but I have not (knock on wood) gotten another cystic zit. The way that I have found that works best for me to use my Clarisonic, is to use it in the shower. The entire thing is waterproof and I find that if I just use it in the shower, I always use it. If it were up to me to remember to use it when I'm getting ready for bed, I would always make excuses to not use it (which is exactly why I used to never wash my face!).


I will say that if you are on the fence about this product, I would highly, highly recommend it! With as much money as I spent on other products trying to get rid of my acne, I could have bought my Mia a year ago!


I was not compensated or gifted anything to write this post. These are my honest thoughts about this product that I wanted to share in case others may be considering purchasing one!


Kristina said...

I love my Claresonic. I won it in a bridal giveaway last year. Use it all the time with my Philosophy face wash too!

Beverly said...

heyyyyyyyyyy i've been meaning to hear a review on this acne eraser!! glad to hear you had a positive experience with it.. sways me in the right direction ;)

Life With Lauren said...

Love my Clarisonic with Purity! Cute color you picked!

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