Thursday, August 16, 2012

Aerosmith Concert, aka My Dream Come True

Sunday night, Tom and I finally got to go see Aerosmith in concert! As y'all may now, I am a giant fan of their music and have always dreamed of going to see them in concert. When Tom and I saw that they were going to be within driving distance, we knew we had to get tickets.


Here are some picture recaps of our little trip:



Ready to go to the concert!! {Dress: Old Navy, Necklace: Groop Dealz}



Traffic. The entire way. I had SERIOUS road rage.




We got there just in time for the Aerosmith set change. We missed almost all of Cheap Trick (only saw one song).




I did make a point to pick up one of these little babies (and by little, I totally mean huge! I have no idea how people can drink more than one of these pint size treats!). It was my first time trying them and it won't be my last!




I was mesmorized the moment Aerosmith took the stage. They are absolutely amazing in concert! It was everything I had hope the concert would be and more! They played a ton of their old music and a few new songs. I snapped this picture during "Ragdoll" which is my absolute favorite Aerosmith song!



Tom and I attempted many self portraits at the concert, but this is by far the best of the bunch. Which, by the way, thank you creepy guy behind us with the busted up/bruised face for joining us purposely in the picture.


Aerosmith played for almost two hours! I could not believe the amount of energy they still have onstage--they are all truly gifted musicians and performers!


By the time Tom and I made our way back to the car and out of the parking lot, it was already midnight. Thank goodness we didn't hit any traffic on the way home. We pulled in to the driveway a little bit after 3:00 AM and headed straight to sleep. Tom was such a trooper, he had work the next morning (I have Mondays off). We are both still recovering from the late night though!!


I already have plans in my head that if they ever come nearby again, we are going! It was such an incredible night and it is definitely something that I can mark off of my bucket list!

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