Tuesday, July 3, 2012

My Birthday Wishlist

Just a disclaimer: I feel extremely ridiculous posting what I am wanting for my birthday.  I just had a beautiful wedding and don't actually need things.  But, it's my birthday and I just want to document what I am lusting after this year!

My birthday is July 17 and I love my birthday every year!  I'm especially excited this year because it's my first "married birthday"!

I have my eye on a few special things this year:


Bobbi Brown Basic Brush Set

I have been using my same brushes for years and would love a new set!


Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner in Black Ink, Chocolate Shimmer Ink, and Denim Ink

I would love all of these colors in this gel eyeliner!  This eyeliner is seriously the best!!


Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow in Ballet Pink

I have recently discovered my love for cream shadows and this color is just so lovely!


Hydrating Face Cream

This face lotion smells so good!  I used to use it several years ago and savored every last morsel of it!


Jack Rogers in Platinum {size 8.5}

I absolutely love these sandals!  The Platinum color is so versatile...I had a pair in this color four years ago and wore them with everything!  My black ones are {literally} hanging on by a thread, so I think I want to switch back to platinum!


Jack Roger Jelly Sandals in Mint Green

These are just so fun! I love the color!


Some dream handbags...


A new MacBook Pro {or money to go towards it!}

My poor little MacBook has been a fantastic computer, but is rapidly declining!  It is running out of memory space, very sluggish, and I am in constant fear that I am going to lose all of my pictures and documents!  I think it is almost time for an upgrade! {Plus, I would love to have Photoshop!!}

Source: google.com via Courtney on Pinterest

What should I include on my birthday wishlist??



Allison said...

Sounds like someone can just get you a gift card to Macy's and you would be set!

tara said...

i need a new set of makeup brushes too! hope you get some of the things you want!

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