Monday, July 9, 2012

Honeymoon Recap!!

First off, how can it possibly be that we have been married for a month today?? This month has FLOWN by!!

This is going to be one big/huge blog post about our honeymoon.  We did a whole lot the first few days and then a lot of relaxing!  So it doesn't make much sense to divide it would be a huge post on the first three days and then nothing much for the rest!

For our honeymoon, Tom and I went to Orlando, Florida.  His parents have a timeshare down there and graciously gifted it to us to use for our honeymoon.  It was in the perfect location--right near Sea World, so only about 10 minutes away from Disney World and right down the road from fantastic outlets!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Our honeymoon started out with a bang.  We flew out of Greensboro Sunday morning and made it to Atlanta with only a few minutes to spare before our next flight was scheduled to take off.  We boarded the flight and taxied out to the runway.  And we sat.  For thirty minutes.  Then, we returned to the gate. And sat.  For three hours.  We were taken off the plane and told that they would try to fix the plane or find us another flight.  Apparently there was a mechanical issue with the plane.  I am very happy that they took us off of the plane; I am glad they found the mechanical issue before we took off.  In hind sight, we can look back at this and laugh.  But, at the time, we were tired and worried that we would not make it to Orlando that night.  After eight hours in Atlanta, they announced that they would be unable to fix the plane, but they had found us another plane and to change gates and get new tickets.  I went to one of the self-kiosks for the airline and got our new tickets.  When it was our time to board, they could not find us.  Again, I started freaking out!  The woman was so nice; she saw the worry in our eyes and searched our names through the database, saw the mistake, and upgraded us to Business!  Plus, this new plane was a 777, so we got our own tv's in the headrests of the seat in front of us!  I am so thankful that despite their lack of communication, they made the situation right.

Tom trying to wait patiently!

Finally about to take off!!

Many prayers were said hoping that our bags made it from plane to plane!

We arrived in Orlando a little after 11:45 {supposed to be there at 4:00} and headed to baggage claim.  By the time we got our bags, it was after 12:30.  We headed down to pick up the rental car.  When we got up to the counter, the man said that our class of car was all sold out since we were so late arriving.  So, they said we could either have a Caravan or a Camaro.  Um...we didn't have to think about that one long!!

I made personalized bag tags for us!

Our bags made it!!

Our bright red Camaro for the week!

Monday, June 11, 2012

On Monday, we had originally planned on going to Disney World.  But since we got in so late Sunday night, we ended up using Monday to get acclimated to the area and run some errands.  We ran by the bank, to Publix {my first-ever trip there!} to stock up on groceries for the week, explored the area, and had a delicious lunch at Chili's!  We also rented The Sitter to watch that night {very funny}.  I also convinced Tom to drive out to the outlets that were about twenty minutes from the timeshare {not the nearby ones}.  This timeshare had a Kate Spade outlet and I was dying to see what they had there!!  They did not have anything that I wanted {sad day}, but I did stop in the 7 For All Mankind outlet and found two pairs of jeans on deep discount that I scooped up!  I would say it was a successful shopping trip!  When we got back to the timeshare, we watched the movie and then walked over to the ice cream parlor on the resort for a late night dessert!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Today was the day of the Mets-Rays game!  When we first set our wedding day and made arrangements for the honeymoon, Tom wanted to go to a baseball game.  He is an avid baseball fan and didn't care who the Rays were playing.  When he found out that they were playing the Mets--his team!--he was over the moon!  We immediately snatched up tickets right behind the visitors dug out!  One of my friends from college lives right down the road from the Rays Stadium, and she was gracious enough to let us park in her driveway and we got to catch up!

Outfit for the game--it was inside, don't worry!!

Teeny, tiny car!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

We headed to Disney World on Wednesday.  At first, we had thought about doing a two-day deal to Disney, but after evaluating the time we had left, we decided to do a park hopper pass so we could get as much done in one day.  Tom and I started out at the Magic Kingdom bright and early!  We hit Pirates of the Caribbean, the Haunted Mansion, and Thunder Mountain Railroad first.  We then went and got fast pass times for Space Mountain.  While we were waiting, we went to Hall of the Presidents, got a delicious frozen lemonade, and rode the Haunted Mansion again.  Once we were done with Space Mountain, we walked around the park to see the new area that they were working on and rode a couple more rides.  By lunchtime, we left the Magic Kingdom and headed over to Disney's Hollywood Studios.  Tom had never been over there before!  I absolutely love this park!  There are not that many rides, but the entire park is set up with an Old-Hollywood theme and it speaks to my history loving heart!!  Tom loved Aerosmith's Rockin' Roller Coaster.  Like loved.  And if the wait wouldn't have been 2 hours, we would have ridden it again!!  I did, however, manage to convince Tom to ride Tower of Terror not once, but twice!!  Tower of Terror and The Haunted Mansion are my two FAVORITE rides at Disney!!  We had such a fabulous day at the Disney parks!!

After Disney, we went back to the timeshare and had sandwiches and relaxed for the rest of the evening!

Thursday, June 14, 2012--Saturday, June 16, 2012

The next three days, we stayed around the resort.  We enjoyed hanging out by the pool, sipping frozen "girly drinks," going on walks, eating early dinners, and watching movies.  On Thursday, Tom and I went to dinner at Outback and it was seriously the best Outback I have ever eaten at!  That is seriously saying a lot, too, since I used to waitress and work the bar at one through college.  While we were at dinner, a gigantic storm rolled through.  It was so bad, the geese came up to the door of the restaurant to try to stay dry!  It was too funny--a giant clap of thunder sounded and the geese reared up and started squawking!  Tom was such a gentlemen and ran out in the ran to get the car!!  After dinner {and after the thunderstorm}, we went to the outlets right near the resort.  What do you know--they had a Tory Burch outlet!  I was in heaven!  I found a cute pair of flip flops and debated on a purse.  Practicality won out {even after I made Tom go back on Friday to double check!}, and I ended up with a less-expensive Coach purse {but just as cute!}.

Friday, we spent the afternoon by the pool after going to the restaurant on the resort for a yummy breakfast!  The pool we went to was one of the smaller pools and the resort and each time we went, there were hardly any people there {as opposed to the larger pools with all of the water toys for kids, which were PACKED!}.  It was very nice because they still had a little bar where you could get drinks and snacks, but it was quiet and secluded--exactly how I could relax!  After the pool, we ran back to the outlets to see if I wanted to purchase a pocket book and Tom found a few things that he wanted, as well!  We ordered pizza on the way back from our second trip to the nearby outlets and it was so yummy!

View off of our back porch

Our building

Saturday, we hung out by the pool for most of the day.  It was so nice and this fair skin girl managed to not get sunburned at all throughout this entire trip!  This was a major accomplishment!  Tom treated me to Panera for dinner: I absolutely love Panera!!  We got back to the timeshare and started packing things up and watched a movie.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Today was a sad day--it was the last day of our honeymoon.  We had such a fantastic honeymoon.  It was exactly what we needed!  We were able to enjoy each other and relax for an entire week!

Sunday morning, we woke up and finished up our packing.  We were really worried, because on the way down, Tom's bag weighed 50 pounds and mine weighed 46 pounds.  We were right on the cusp of having to pay more for baggage!  We both took a bunch out of our suitcases and put it into our carryons.  When we got back to the airport and returned the rental car, our suitcases still weighed too much!  So, we transferred more over and were able to come just under the restriction!

Thank goodness our flights back had no surprises!  I think I would have just screamed if we would have been delayed again!  It would have been awful!

When we got back to Greensboro, we drove to my mom's house to stay the night and have a delicious dinner.  On Monday, we drove back to Virginia with all of our wedding presents in tow.

Our honeymoon was so much fun and very relaxing!  It was just what we needed after the wedding!


Krystal said...

I love seeing people coming to FL and having a great time! Orlando can be a blast but i'm so glad you headed to a RAYS game! ;) My favorite!

Katie said...

Ugh - and I thought our flight to our honeymoon (also in Orlando) was bad! Our flight was so crowded, my husband and I didn't even get to sit together! We've since learned that sometimes paying extra for the early check in is worth it - especially on Southwest where they don't have assigned seats! I love Haunted Mansion and Tower of Terror too, definitely my favorite rides (along with Pirates) in all the parks!

tara said...

sounds like a blast! love me some disney! need to go back soon!

Dana said...

I went to the Tori Burch outlet recently and thought their prices were very high. The Vera Bradley outlet was great though. Thanks for sharing your happy times with us !

Dana said...

I have the same gingham blouse. I recently had the idea to have I t monogrammed on the pocket. Not only do I love it, but now I have a one of a kind shirt. Thought you might like the idea since you have new initials !

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