Friday, July 13, 2012

Fourth of July

Since I can't seem to get it together to actually get on a computer and blog, I'll blog from my phone this morning!

My Fourth of July holiday was spread out over three days. On Monday the second, I went to the DMV to officially become Mrs. Waterman! Except, it took three times as long because I didn't go to social security first! Oops! But, they were so nice and accommodating and made everything right!! Monday night, the whole family went to the Norfolk Tides minor league baseball game. We had so much fun and ate our weight in stadium food {there is nothing better than a corn dog and shaved ice at a game!}. After the game, they shot off fireworks at the park!!

Tuesday, Tom and I had taken off of work to go to the Aerosmith concert up in Bristow, VA but they had to cancel it last minute! Luckily, it is rescheduled to a Sunday in August...I was so close to FINALLY seeing them in concert though!! Ugh! However, I made the best of it and scheduled a massage--definitely made me feel better!! That afternoon, I got Tom to drive me out to social security to change my name there, too!

For the actual Fourth, we kept things very low key since we had to go back to work on Thursday. We spent the day by the pool and ate delicious ribs for dinner!

It was quite a busy three days but we definitely got a lot of things accomplished!!

{Sorry the pictures have to come at the end of the post, but I have no clue how to choose where they go using the Blogger app. Anyone have any idea? Or a suggestion for a different app to use to blog??}

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