Thursday, June 28, 2012

'Twas the Day Before the Wedding

You know, the funny thing about this entire wedding is that I never once got nervous or worried.  I knew that the actual wedding preparations were under control and in very talented hands.  The most important thing to me is that I was going to marry my best friend--which I guess is why I never once got nervous!

The day before the wedding, I wanted to do something special for my dad.  I had a feeling that he was looking too closely at the "losing a daughter" and not the "gaining a son" that a wedding ultimately was.  Tom and I asked Betsy and Dad to join us for lunch at Emerywood Fine Foods in High Point after they got all checked in at the hotel.  Lunch was absolutely delicious!

This is what I gave Dad:

Poor Daddy, he could hardly look at it without tearing up.  And then, the rest of the day when he went to mention it, he would start tearing up again.

Once lunch was over, we ran a few fun errands {TJ Maxx--yay!} and then headed back to the hotel.  As luck would have it, Tom's grandparents and aunt and uncle were pulling up right as we pulled into the parking garage.  We helped them get their baggage out of the car and as they were waiting to check-in in the hotel lobby, my grandparents pulled in!  Talk about great timing!

After we got everyone checked in and up to their rooms, Tom and I only had a short amount of time to shower and get ready for the rehearsal dinner.  While I was in the shower, I realized that I had not started making the slideshow to show on the television during the dinner.  Talk about big OOPS!  So, I hopped out of the shower, wrapped my towel around me, and started throwing together baby pictures of Tom and me, and then pictures throughout our relationship.  And then, set it to music and threw it on iMovie and prayed that it would be done burning by the time dinner started {my computer is somewhat of a slow dinosaur}.

I hastily got dressed and met Tom and Trevor to head over to the String and Splinter for the rehearsal.  I was a little worried at this point because I had not heard from my cousin Lilli.  I quickly texted her and she responded by saying that she was just checking in because they had forgotten about EST {which I had no earthly idea what she was talking about, but she meant Eastern Standard Time--she is from Louisiana and is on central time!}  Poor Lilli!  And then, the hotel told her that the venue was only a block away and she walked to be there!! It was so much more than a block!!  She was such a trooper!

We ran through the wedding quickly because they needed the big dining room for dinner service at 6:00.  The girls and I rode the furniture elevator {our wedding location is in Market Square where they do massive amounts of showrooms during Furniture Market} down to the back of the venue and then walked outside through the emergency exit in order to avoid having to walk through the kitchen to end up in the back of the room where the ceremony would take place.  Funny thing is, Dad had no idea where we had ended up!  He was still upstairs waiting outside the Ladies Room for us to come out even though we had already come downstairs.  He gave me quite the scare!!

After the rehearsal, we went upstairs to mingle and have finger sandwiches and drinks prior to dinner.  I used this time to finish burning our slideshow {I am SUCH a procrastinator!}.

For the dinner, I made the place cards to put on the tables.  We gave the guests the option of pork tenderloin or salmon for dinner and either banana pudding or key lime pie for dessert.  So, we used the key of a pig for the pork, a fish for the salmon, a banana for banana pudding, and a lime {actually, it was a grapefruit clip art, but oh well!} for the key lime pie, in order to make it easy on the servers to know who ordered what without having to auction the food off!

The toasts were so heartfelt.  Everyone was crying.  Dad had me in tears.  Then Mattie had my crying.  Then Lilli got me going again. Then Mark kept the tears coming.  Trevor kept it short and sweet, and still had me crying.  We are a crying family!

Here are some pictures from the night {some courtesy Tom's dad, others courtesy my iPhone}:

{This cross was made out of the engagement and wedding rings of Tom's great grandmother.  His great grandparents wedding day was June 9--our wedding day.  Our wedding day marked what would have been their 92nd wedding anniversary.  Tom's grandmother allowed me to wear this cross at our rehearsal dinner!}

After dinner, we all headed back to the hotel and hit up the hotel bar.  That poor bartender--he did not know what was about to hit him.  They were supposed to close at 10:00 PM, but our people were still down there partying past the 11:59 PM I was forced to leave so I wouldn't see my groom on our wedding day!

A few too many drinks were may have been had, but we all had such a fantastic time!  I'm not sure where all of the pictures are from this night, but I did manage to get some on my iPhone!!

{Momma and Me}

{We tried...}

What's a night without a mini photoshoot??

I have no clue why those pictures were blurry...perhaps our photographer had had a few too much to drink, too???

Still to come: THE BIG DAY!! and our honeymoon


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