Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Day Before the Rehearsal Dinner, aka Thursday

We checked into the hotel late Wednesday night {it should have been much earlier, but Men's Warehouse was extremely slow and uncooperative when it came to getting the stupid tuxedos in...that could have been my one minor freak out of this whole wedding}.  Unfortunately, neither Tom nor I got to sleep in the morning.  I had a dentist appointment in my hometown at 8:00 AM on Thursday and it was thirty minutes away.  Tom called me bright and early to make sure that I was awake and we were downstairs for the continental breakfast at 7:00 when they opened.  I was worried at first because I had a dentist appointment at 8:00 to check out a sensitive tooth and then another one at the same place at 1:30 that afternoon for a cleaning {it was the only way they could work me in at the time of the appointment}.  This meant I was going to have to "kill time" between appointments.  Fortunately, they were quick to get me back and they said that if I could wait for about ten minutes in the waiting room they could go ahead and clean my teeth.  Yay!  My dad happened to call while I was waiting and turns out he was right down the road so he was able to stop in chat while I waited!

After my appointment, Tom and I decided to head to Greensboro to search for a clutch for me to carry Thursday night and Friday night.  We looked everywhere!  I finally found one in the back room {sale room} of the Lilly Pulitzer store!  That never happens!!

With my prized clutch in hand, we headed back to High Point to freshen up.  My grandmother called and said that she had some things to drop off at the hotel and to let her know when we had made it back.  Low and behold, M and Poppop show up with the packages I was expecting {the treats for the flower girl and helper}, but she also came with goodies for Trevor {a GIANT candy basket}, Tom's family, and even me!  I was totally not expecting that!  I, for once, was actually on point and took pictures of all the goodies she brought me!!

Here are the goods:

{Trail Mix}

{Some yummy drinks!}

After M and Poppop left, we went to meet with the event coordinator at the String and Splinter to walk through any questions or concerns we had prior to the rehearsal.  This was actually the first time that we had met Rebecca due to us living out of state, but she was right on target to what we were expecting.  I was a little overwhelmed at first because we had four women and Tom all talking at once, all saying the same thing, but five different ways.  Once I was able to hone in, I realized that we had a fantastic handle on everything!  Plus, Rebecca brought us freshly baked brownies that were to die for!

Since our wedding was out of town for many of the people that were coming, Tom and I wanted to invite the people that could potentially be in town to dinner Thursday night.  Unfortunately, with flights coming in late and loads of wedding preparations to complete, the dinner only ended up being Tom, myself, Trevor {Tom's brother}, Tom's parents, my mom, and her boyfriend, Mark.

We went to a delicious seafood restaurant in High Point, Blue Water.  Dinner was so, so good!  As luck would have it, my camera batteries were dead and I only snapped a few pictures the whole entire night!

{I should have gotten Tom to take a picture of me in this dress.  It was absolutely gorgeous...sweetheart neckline, black eyelet dress.  I love it!}

{Tom and me at dinner...looking pretty rough}

Still to come, The Day Before the Wedding, Wedding Preparation, Wedding, and Honeymoon.


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