Thursday, May 31, 2012

Mattie's Graduation

This past weekend, my sister graduated from high school.  Tom and I drove down to North Carolina Thursday afternoon so that we could be there for all of the festivities!  Instead of writing a whole bunch, I'm going to let the pictures do the talking!

Friday was the luncheon for the seniors and faculty of Mattie's school.  It was so much fun since I got to catch up with my old high school teachers as well as honor this year's class!

Saturday was the day of the graduation...

{Tom and me before the graduation}

 {I spy Mattie--middle girl with brown hair on the back row}
 {A bagpiper led the graduates in}
 {Program for the graduation}
 {There she is again...third from the right on the back row}
 {Walking across to get her diploma!}
 {At our high school, each graduate picks a teacher to say a few words about them.  Mattie chose one of the teachers that she helped out with in the lower school; she was also her cheerleading coach.}

 {Getting her diploma!}

 {The graduate and me}

{Mom, Mattie, and Me}

 {Mattie, Mom, Mark, and Me--yes, Mark and I both wore seersucker!} 

 {Daddy and his girls!}

 {Daddy and me}

{Mattie and my mom's parents}

 {Mark and me}

 {Mom and me}

 {Mark and mom}

 {Tom and me}

Sunday, Dad and Betsy threw a surprise graduation party for Mattie.  We told her we were just going to a little hole in the wall restaurant for brunch with dad, but I had to run out to the vineyard to get a bottle for wine for Tom's mom on the way.  Tom dropped me off at the door to run in and I ran back to meet dad and Betsy to give them the banner I had made for Mattie.  I texted Tom to come in and help me "find the wine" and bring Mattie.  When she walked in, my grandparents pulled up but Tom quickly whisked her inside before she could get too curious!  Of course, the store was still closed since it wasn't yet noon {North Carolina doesn't sell alcohol on Sundays until after 12:00 PM}, so I told her to come in the dining room because there was a live band performing outside.  She walked in texting so she wasn't paying attention at all, but when she looked up and saw everything all decorated, she was so blown away!!

 {I love this picture! She looks so surprised!!}

After brunch, we headed home.  But, not without a stop at a random Wal-Mart trying to find Tom's mom Diet Coke with Splenda.  Our Food Lions/Wal-Marts/Targets stopped selling Diet Coke with Splenda and she doesn't like regular Diet Coke.  We hit the jackpot at this Wal-Mart and bought all they had.  Yes, this is 15 cases.  Don't judge.

We even spotted a rainbow on the drive home!

 We had such a fantastic weekend celebrating Mattie!  I am such a proud big sister!!


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Last Week Through Pictures

I finally broke out my Tory Burch flip flops!  I have had these for three summers now and love them!!

I got some new shorts from Target!

I also got Elli a new "necklace" cute is this from the Polka Dog line they are carrying?!

A family friend generously sent us our everyday china for a wedding present!! I'm really loving getting home from work everyday to see if we've gotten any reply cards or gifts in the mail!

Couldn't she be a model??

Last week, I had work meetings through lunch everyday but Friday.  Let's just say that by Friday, I was ready for my normal lunch pick-me-up of Starbucks!

My aunt sent us this super-cute sign that she handpainted for us!  Isn't this just too cute?!  {PS: She does do custom orders...shoot me an e-mail or leave a comment if you want her contact information!}

We went up to visit Tom's grandfather this past weekend and the boys came back after running errands with roses for the ladies!!

On Monday, I got to keep my friend's 2 month old baby for the day while she was at work!  I had such a great time keeping this little fella!!  He was fantastic!

I got my first bag with my soon-to-be monogram on it!! It is so weird to not see my initials on it!!!


Saturday, May 12, 2012

Wedding Hair

I had originally planned on wearing my hair half-up/half-down a la Kate Middleton on her wedding day.

Something like this...

Well, that was at least until this morning when I saw the most recent pictures of Kate Middleton out at an event.

Can we just talk about how fantastic her hair is?!

What do y'all think?? Up or down?


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