Thursday, February 9, 2012

Quick Recap of Last Weekend

Hey y'all, I wanted to just record our weekend happenings of this past weekend!  I promise, eventually I am going to post a weekend recap on Monday, not Thursday!


On Friday, I started feeling really sick.  Like horrible!  During lunch at work, I ran out to Target and grabbed some cough drops and a cheap thermometer.  I checked my temperature and wasn't running a fever so I toughed it out for the rest of the day, specifically because {a} I didn't want to miss any work and {b} I had a massage scheduled for that night and didn't want to reschedule!

By the time I made it home, I had a fever of 99.3 {in the car} and then 100.3 {at home}.  I had to take liquid tylenol because my throat was so swollen, but still toughed it out and went to my massage.  It was absolutely amazing!  Plus, the table was heated which felt so good to my chill-ridden body!!

The next day we had planned on going up to the outlets in Williamsburg to look at bridesmaids dresses, but since I wasn't feeling too hot we hung around the house.  We did make it to Sam's Club to order my wedding band.  Yes...I found my dream wedding band at Sam's Club.  But, they have amazing jewelry at very reasonable prices and let's face it--we are on a budget!  We are still on the hunt for Tom's band...where did you ladies find your husband's bands?? He is surprisingly very indecisive about what he wants!!

On Sunday, we prepared ourselves for the big game!  Tom's family are huge Giants fans, so we were pulling really hard for them throughout the game and were so happy that they won!!  I even made a customized ice cream cake for the event!! :-)

Here are just a few pictures that I took with the can tell I was sick since I took a grand total of three pictures!!

My grandmother {M} gave me this cute notepad the last time we were home.  I have a feeling the pages are going to get filled up very quickly with all I have to do!!  Thank you, M! I love it!




I hope y'all have a great Thursday!!


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Katie said...

My husband was very picky when it came to his wedding band too. He ended up getting his from Kay - probably because I got my band there, and he just thought it was easier to get his there too. He didn't do much research on his own, but it took him like an hour to pick one out at the store. He is a terrible decision maker!

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