Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I thought I would come up with a few of my "currents" to give y'all a glimpse into my life right now...

Current Mood: Sleepy and sickly...I went to the doctor today and they told me I have strep and I can't go back to work until Thursday.  Hey, at least I can maybe catch up on blogging {and maybe get Kate's new blog design up and running}!

Currently Watching: How I Met Your Mother season one on DVD...I get so indecisive on what to watch when I'm sick!  This weekend it has ranged from the original Charlie's Angels TV show to Modern Family to wanting to watch scary movies...go figure!

Currently Wanting: New spring clothes!!  It's only February, but I'm already dying for some fun, brightly colored spring clothes!

Current Favorite Food: I am loving the Mandarine Orange Spice Herbal Tea for the Keurig...good for my sore throat!

Currently Running Through My Brain: All of the wedding planning that I have to get done in four months!  Not to mention the attempt to lose some weight {do y'all have any advice on this last part?!}

Currently Looking Forward To: Going back to North Carolina again this weekend to do some more wedding planning!  We are ordering invitations this weekend!! :-)



Abby Devine said...

Hope you feel better, strep is no fun!

Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better soon!! Enjoy the mini vacay from work though :) The tea sounds amazing!

Amanda said...

Hope you feel better soon, Courtney!!!

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