Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Soul Searching

I am really frustrated.

I went to college wanting to be a doctor {insert laughter}.  After being thrown in to both chemistry and biology classes my first semester of freshman year, I quickly realized how much I did not like science and how much science did not like me!

I did a quick soul search {quick because deep down I think I secretly knew what I loved already} and determined that I would change my major to history as quickly as I could.

But, what did I want to do with my history degree?? Teach, of course.  So, I decided to get a degree in history with a teaching license.

I had successfully completed my first teaching class in the fall of sophomore year and was looking forward to becoming immersed in teaching classes and history classes for the remainder of my college career.

Fast forward to the second semester of sophomore year.  I came down with mono and ended up missing most of the second semester.  I felt like I didn't have anyone at school to turn to to tell me what to do.  In hindsight, I should have medically withdrawn for the semester, gotten better, and taken summer classes to get back on track.  I tried to tough it out, but the teaching classes were far too demanding to do from home via the internet, so I ended up dropping them.  At that point, I was a junior in college and too far behind to continue with my teaching license attached to my history degree.  So, I dropped it.

I graduated this past May with a degree in History and a minor in English Literature.

Here comes the frustration...

I still want to teach.

I still feel like I have no one to ask "HOW DO I BECOME A LICENSED TEACHER??"

I don't have the ability to quit my job and go back to school full-time...I have these things called student loans that need to be paid back!

All I want to do is teach.  I want to help kids become as excited about history as I was...and still am.

There has got to be a way to teach.

Is there anyone out there that has gone through something like this?  Are there any resources that you can refer me to?  I have tried checking out the state of Virginia website, but all it does it send me to some law mumbo-jumbo that I don't understand.

I really just want a straight answer...what are my options to becoming a licensed public school teacher? I know there are tons of schools that need teachers and I truly want to be one.


Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday's Style File: Oscar Fashion

It's time for Monday's Style File again!

This week, I'm featuring all things Oscar!

As usual, this year was full of beautiful dresses and these are just a few of my favorites...

{Katie Holmes}

{Claire Danes}

{Nina Dobrev}

{Penelope Cruz}

{Natalie Portman}

{Octavia Spencer}

Who were your favorites of the night?

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012


This post is going to be insanely random, but that is just how my life has been lately!  Tom was out of town for work last week in Rhode Island, came back into town late Sunday night and left today for Buffalo, New York.

To start off with, here are a few OOTDs:

I am new to Scentsy...and absolutely loving the products!! I ordered a warmer and then the Lavender and Quiver scents.  I actually got another order in today of more scents to try out: Ocean, Pima Cotton, Clean Breeze, and Home Sweet Home.  I am so excited!!

My mom mailed my Valentine's is the cutest little diamond owl necklace!  Isn't he sweet?!

Last week, I became a little Starbucks obssessed!!  I hate to say it, but I went three out of the four days I worked last week...I just needed a little pick me up {I order light drinks to save calories!!}.  I loved their Valentine's cups!!

The weather here has been beautiful {minus the light snow we had on Sunday, but let's just forget that, okay?!}.  It has seriously gotten me in the mood for spring/summer!!  Plus, it's going to be 72* tomorrow...what is going on?!  But, I do get to wear my new sunglasses that Tom got me!!

 Elli usually gets up on my bed to snuggle, but Trevor's dog {Simba} NEVER has gotten up on ANY bed in his life...until Saturday.  When he decided he had to have my attention so he stole Elli's spot, so she stole mine!!  Um...where do I go???

Did you guys see my guest post over at MJ's blog Teaching in Heels yesterday??

If not, you should definitely head on over there...I wrote about my Spring must-haves!!

I hope y'all are having a fantastic week so far!!


Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday's Style File

Hey guys...I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!!

This week for Monday's Style File, instead of showing a particular celebrity, I am just going to show off my favorite recent pictures of various celebs...

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Wedding: Cake, Bouquets, and Bridesmaids Dresses

Hey y'all! I'm sorry I have been so MIA this week...things have been crazy here!  I thought that I would share with you guys some updates for our wedding {which is less than 4 months away...eek!}.

The Cake

As you guys know, last time we were in North Carolina, we went and tasted cakes at the cutest bakery: Maxie B's.  We decided on the strawberry filled, butter cream iced delicious!!  Dad and Betsy are going over there this weekend to officially place the order! I am so excited!!

This is similar to the design that we chose {subtract the flowers and maybe add hydrangeas}:

The Bouquets

For the bridesmaids, I want to do all blue hydrangeas.  Very simple.

Something like this:

{But in blue}

For me, I want an all-white bouquet.  I am not sure if I want hydrangeas or if I want roses, or some combination of the two.

Here are some of my favorites:

Source: via Courtney on Pinterest

I love the black and white striped ribbon on this one:

I really want to wrap the bouquets in ribbon and have a vintage brooch on it, but I'm not sure!!

Bridesmaids Dresses

So after finding out that the dresses that we had purchased, I decided to order simple black dresses instead of making the girls buy ANOTHER aqua dress they would never wear again!

Here is the one that I picked out:

I think that's about it for now for wedding updates!  I'm going back home the first weekend in March to figure out the menu/visit the venue with my mom and order invitations with my grandmother.  I am so excited!!


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Cookin' with Courtney: Italian Pork Chops


This is such a tasty way of preparing pork chops!  It is similar to a chicken parmesan, but just with pork.

Italian Pork Chops


6 pork chops
1/2 cup all-purpose flour
1 egg, well beaten
1/4 cup water
3/4 cup Italian breadcrumbs {I use just regular breadcrumbs and add in Italian Seasonings to taste}
1/4 cup olive oil
1 {8 oz.} can tomato sauce
6 slices mozzarella cheese


Place each pork chop on a sheet of waxed paper and flatten to 1/4 inch thickness using a meat mallet or rolling pin {I try to just buy very thin pieces of pork chops as to skip this step}.

Dredge porkchops in flour.  Combine egg and water.  Dip each chop in egg mixture and dredge in breadcrumbs.

Saute chops in olive oil on both sides until browned.  Place in 13x9-inch baking dish.  Spoon half of tomato sauce over chops.  Place a slice of cheese on each chop.  Spoon remaining sauce over cheese.

Bake at 425 degrees for 45 minutes.

Serves 4 to 6.


Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Day Swap Reveal

You guys have no idea how excited I am to finally post about the Valentine's Day swap!!  I got partnered with Sarah from Fortune Favors the Brave...go check out her blog!  She is so sweet and has a great sense of humor!!

We told each other our favorite things and she totally nailed what I love!!

Here is what she sent me:

Thank you so much, Sarah!! I love everything!


Thursday, February 9, 2012

Quick Recap of Last Weekend

Hey y'all, I wanted to just record our weekend happenings of this past weekend!  I promise, eventually I am going to post a weekend recap on Monday, not Thursday!


On Friday, I started feeling really sick.  Like horrible!  During lunch at work, I ran out to Target and grabbed some cough drops and a cheap thermometer.  I checked my temperature and wasn't running a fever so I toughed it out for the rest of the day, specifically because {a} I didn't want to miss any work and {b} I had a massage scheduled for that night and didn't want to reschedule!

By the time I made it home, I had a fever of 99.3 {in the car} and then 100.3 {at home}.  I had to take liquid tylenol because my throat was so swollen, but still toughed it out and went to my massage.  It was absolutely amazing!  Plus, the table was heated which felt so good to my chill-ridden body!!

The next day we had planned on going up to the outlets in Williamsburg to look at bridesmaids dresses, but since I wasn't feeling too hot we hung around the house.  We did make it to Sam's Club to order my wedding band.  Yes...I found my dream wedding band at Sam's Club.  But, they have amazing jewelry at very reasonable prices and let's face it--we are on a budget!  We are still on the hunt for Tom's band...where did you ladies find your husband's bands?? He is surprisingly very indecisive about what he wants!!

On Sunday, we prepared ourselves for the big game!  Tom's family are huge Giants fans, so we were pulling really hard for them throughout the game and were so happy that they won!!  I even made a customized ice cream cake for the event!! :-)

Here are just a few pictures that I took with the can tell I was sick since I took a grand total of three pictures!!

My grandmother {M} gave me this cute notepad the last time we were home.  I have a feeling the pages are going to get filled up very quickly with all I have to do!!  Thank you, M! I love it!




I hope y'all have a great Thursday!!


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday: Valentine's Edition!

I'm linking up with Michelle from The Vintage Apple again this week for Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday!

This week, I'm featuring all things Valentine's Day!

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