Friday, April 29, 2011

Oh My Goodness

I DVR'd and attempted to wake up so that I could watch the Royal Wedding.  Besides all the amazing fanfare and tradition that accompanied the wedding, I can not get over how absolutely breathtaking Kate Middleton looked!  The dress was perfect and I always thought that she was so beautiful, but today she took the cake!  Now, if only we could get married in Westminster Abbey, have it covered by every major network, AND have such a beautiful dress, I can finally get wedding planning! (Totally kidding, but I do love the dress she wore...even though I already have a dress....details, details!)

I'll leave you with some pictures....

ROYAL DEBUT   photo | Royal Wedding, Kate Middleton, Prince William
THE KISS   photo | Royal Wedding, Kate Middleton, Prince William
TRAIN-ING DAY   photo | Royal Wedding, Kate Middleton

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Can I Just Say...

...that I'm obsessed with True Blood.

Correction, Tom and I are obsessed with True Blood.

We watched the first episode in my Vampires in Literature, TV, and Film class two weeks ago (which, if you've seen it, it is pretty graphic...just a little embarrassing to watch in a room with 30+ college kids!) and I was just beside myself because it ends with the main character getting her butt kicked and I just had to know what happened!

Well, as luck would have it, my favorite place in the entire world (okay maybe just Burlington), Target had True Blood on sale for $19.99 last week! We scooped up the first season, because let's face it waiting a day in between for the discs to arrive via Netflix was just not an option.

Well we got dangerously close to finishing that season and we just HAD to go back and buy season 2. We finished season 2 last night and now have to wait until May 31 to buy season 3! All I can say is now we HAVE to get HBO once we move out of our apartment because I know that after we watch season 3, we are going to be dying to know what happens!  It is an obsession...that I may or may not be proud of at the moment!

(Yes, I am a nerd.  I understand that vampires are not real and that for some reason this class is making me embrace things I never thought I in point: Twilight, True get the picture).

I may also just HAVE to go to Barnes and Noble and start reading the Sookie Stackhouse books the series is based off of...I mean for research for my final term paper for the class...of course! :-)

Do any of y'all watch True Blood or read the novels??

It Was Time for a Change!

As you might have noticed, I finally braved HTML code and after searching endlessly around Google, I finally figured out how in the world to design my own blog layout.  Thank you ladies for all of the helpful hints you offered!  It is not perfect by any means, but I just feel so accomplished doing it on my own!

I have created a grab button, so if you feel so inclined, grab it and add it to your own blog!  I also added a section for a "what I'm reading." I'm hoping that as school is winding down, I will actually be able to pick up some books and actually enjoy reading again!  I have The Help sitting on my bedside table just waiting to be read!

Tomorrow, Tom and I are heading back up to Virginia to FINALLY pick up my furbaby! It has been three long weeks since I have seen her and this puppy momma misses her baby!  We have only heard good reports about her, both from Tom's parents as well as the kennel they boarded her at while we were in Florida (thank goodness!).  I'm excited to go up there so we can go swimming! I'm allergic to chlorine so most pools are out for me, but they have a salt water pool! It does involve minute traces of chlorine, but only when they have to "shock" the pool, which they have assured me they haven't had to do yet! So yay, pool time! Maybe I can get a little tan on this alabaster skin of mine!!

Have a great rest of the day!!

PS: Are y'all waking up early, early to watch the royal wedding?? I know I am!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Orlando Recap!!

Well, here's my long awaited recap of our trip down to Florida! Last week really got away from me...lots of school work to get done since we are in the home stretch now to graduation!!

Last Friday, Tom and I left straight from my classes to head down to Orlando...10+ hours in the car is a long time! I started reading Twilight and read it until it got too dark! As much as I wanted to dislike that book, I'm hooked!  We stopped at Krystal to grab dinner once we got into Georgia...unfortunately not as good as I remembered :-(...oh well!  We got to the condo just after midnight; luckily getting in so late we missed any Orlando traffic, but goodness gracious do people ever drive crazy down there! I decided to brave the driving for the last two hours and I thought we were going to die!

Saturday we just hung out around the resort and went to the pool.  Unfortunately, I'm allergic to chlorine so I couldn't get in the pool, but the weather was so nice that I just enjoyed reading and relaxing!  That night we went to a murder mystery dinner and had so much fun! The whole table, except for Tom, guessed who the murderer was...Tom didn't think it was who we thought it was because it was just too obvious!

Sunday we woke up bright and early to get to Disney World by the time they opened.  Now, let me preface this by saying that I have never been to an amusement park with Tom's family before.  When my family goes to theme parks, we take our time and enjoy walking at a leisurely pace and take our time.  Tom's parents are the exact opposite.  His mom had a plan and we stuck to it! Let's just say it felt like we were training for a marathon! Since we got there right as they were opening, we were able to walk right on Pirates of the Caribbean (first time riding it since they added Jack Sparrow), Splash Mountain, Thunder Mountain Railroad, AND Haunted Mansion!  I could not believe that!  The only ride we had to get a fast pass to ride the first time was Space Mountain!  We had so much fun and I cannot wait to go back!

Monday morning we had to leave super early to get back home.  On the way back we stopped by Tom's grandparents' house to visit with them.  It was the first time that I had been able to meet them (even though we have been together 3 1/2 years!) and we had a great time visiting!  We got back Monday night around 8:30 and it was back to the old grind!  We only have TEN more class days (not counting weekends or days we don't have school ie. today and Wednesday) until exams start! I cannot believe that I am almost done with college! It is so surreal!

I hope everyone has had a great couple days and I will post pictures from Easter soon!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thoughtless Thursday...Disney Style

Tomorrow after classes we are leaving for Orlando!!  In honor of our impending trip to Disney, here are some pictures from the last time I was there.  I was a sophomore in high school (so I was 15), had just injured my shoulder cheerleading (although you cannot tell since I was at Disney/Universal and deliriously happy), and was enjoying every minute there, since I hadn't been since I was in Kindergarten!! (I also thought that chunky blonde highlights looked good in my comment)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday


I'm loving that it is almost the weekend! School is really picking up and I am having such a hard time keeping everything under control! I just keep telling myself that I'm almost done...just a little over a month until I graduate!


I'm loving that Tom and I are going to Orlando this weekend! Hello Disney World!! This girl is so excited...I already know what I want to ride! Yes, I am acting like a 3rd grader, but I don't care!!


I love the Haunted Mansion...I cannot wait to ride this!!!


I'm loving my fiance!  He really is keeping me grounded...if it weren't for him I know I would have lost my mind by know! I am so thankful that he is always there for me to talk with and bounce ideas off of!

And y'all all know how much I love my furbaby!!


I'm loving that I have been able to avoid reading Twilight...until now! We have a final presentation and a final paper for my Vampires in Literature class and I want to do Buffy the Vampire Slayer for the paper, but it left me nothing to do for my presentation.  A girl in my reading group said she wanted to do Twilight and I could work with her if I wanted...well there you are! So I'm loving that I have a 10 drive on Friday and a 10 hour drive on Monday to get that book knocked out!

Go link up and play along!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tail-Wagging Tuesday Vol. 2

I'm linking up with C Mae again this week for Tail-Wagging Tuesday.  Elli is currently up with her "grandparents" in Virginia preparing to be boarded with their dog for us all to go down to Orlando.  I miss my little furbaby so much...I have no one to cuddle with in the mornings after Tom has left for his internship or work!

Anyway...this week's topic is Your Pet's Favorite Toy

Well, Elli is very destructive with her toys.  If it squeaks, she literally squeaks it to death.  She crushes tennis balls, be-heads any stuffed get the picture. That being said, she really LOVES being destructive with her toys.  Plus, I would rather her take out her destructiveness on dog toys and not her mommy's furniture, shoes, clothes...

This is Elli and her headless cat...she cuddles it like a baby doll!

For Christmas, Elli got a pink Wubba (made by Kong) and she loves this toy! Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of her with it yet, but just the pure fact that it has survived for four months is astonishing!

Go link up!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Flashback Friday

This is from one of the first weekends back at school sophomore year.  Tom, Kevin, Kate, Lilli, and I decided to go bowling and we had so much FUN!  I have no clue what I am doing in this picture (probably laughing) but I just love that Kate/Lilli (can't remember who!) managed to catch it!

That same night the girls were going to cook for the guys before we left.  Kate lived in a dorm with a communal kitchen so we could actually cook dinner.  However, we decided that we would rather spend more time out and about then we ordered take-out from Olive Garden and dished it out into bowls before the guys arrived...and took complete credit! (Until I cracked under pressure later...I think they knew something was up; could we have made breadsticks like that?!)

I hope y'all have a great weekend! We are heading up to VA today after classes to drop Miss Elli off with her "grandparents" (no lie, Tom's dad refers to Elli as his "grandpuppy" and tells his colleagues that she is coming to visit...I think he has a little grandbaby fever??) and this little puppy momma might shed some tears on the way home!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

What I Do For Some Celebrity Wedding Pictures...

If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you may realize that I love Reese Witherspoon's style! She always looks so effortlessly beautiful and put together; something I try to emulate in my clothing choices everyday!

Well when People advertised ALL WEEKEND that they would have her exclusive wedding pictures I was so excited! First thing Monday morning I went straight to my laptop to look at the pictures....well, this was all I found...

Beautiful? Yes.  Teasing? Yes.  They had the awful, awful last sentence in the article "For exclusive photos of Reese's wedding--and all the details of her emotional, joyful ceremony--pick up the new issue of PEOPLE..."

So what did I do? I ran out to Target to look for the dadgum issue! Too bad all they had was last week's issue!! So off to the closest grocery store and after running aisle to aisle like the fool I apparently am, FINALLY found it!

Have y'all seen her wedding pics? What did you think??

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Kennedy's Mini-Series


Have y'all seen The Kennedy's on Reelz?? I was a bit hesitant to watch the mini-series after I heard History Channel passed on it, but Tom and I watched it's Sunday night premiere and it was fantastic! I'm sure it is embellished quite a bit since there is so much that happened behind closed doors that we don't know about it, but the actors do such a great job recreating JFK, Bobby, and Jackie!
I think Katie Holmes is a spot-on Jackie Kennedy!!  I am looking forward to watching last night's episode when Tom and I get home tonight! You can blame my slight obsession with this topic on Elon...I took a John F. Kennedy Assassination class over the summer and now I am super paranoid about conspiracy theories! Ha! Thanks Elon!

What I'm Loving Wednesday


It is finally feeling like Spring outside!!  I broke out the white jeans this past weekend for brunch with Tom and Dad and need to go get all of my Spring/Summer dresses out of the storage unit.  Time to box up all of the sweaters and bring out the fun clothes! Hello Lilly P, how much I have missed you!


Speaking of Miss Lilly, how lovely are these?? Oh if only I had some extra money laying around, I would indulge in one (maybe two) or these lovelies...



Oh, Miss Tory Burch how you also tease me!  Last spring I bought a Tory Burch tote and it has been the best purchase that I have ever made! I want a pair of these sandals so bad! (Well, not as bad as I want a pair of her flats, but its Spring time so sandals are a *necessity*!


I'm loving my sweet, raw-hide loving furbaby! We are taking her up to Tom's parents' house this weekend in Virginia so that they can board her with their dog, Simba, while we all go to Orlando next weekend.  That means two whole weeks without Elli...I don't know what I'm going to do with myself!! :-(
Rawhides are her drug of choice, she goes crazy for them!
I hope y'all have a great Wednesday!

Trader Joe's Adventure

This past Sunday, my dad came down and picked Tom and me up to head to Chapel Hill to get lunch and go to Trader Joe's.  I have heard of Trader Joe's but had never been to it before.  It was very overwhelming, if I am completely honest. People were hurrying and scurrying every which way and I couldn't just sit back and look at things.  (I am the person that goes grocery shopping and likes to go up and down every, single aisle to see if anything is new or looks interesting.)

All that being said, I was pleasantly surprised with all of the treasures I got...

Descriptions (Top to Bottom, Left to Right)

 Those bottles of wine were only 5.49 each! They had a sampling going on and I actually enjoyed this wine--usually I do NOT like wine!

The Strawberry Lemonade is heavenly! I have been rationing it...if not I know I would have drank it all by the end of Sunday night!

If you know me, you know I am a pickle fanatic! Dad told me these pickles were very good, so we'll see! I haven't tried them yet, but will keep you posted!

The Pita Crackers are for the Garlic Hummus ( the way!)...a great healthyish snack!

I LOVE Butternut Squash soup and am looking forward to trying this out...maybe dinner tonight?!

We got Tom some tortilla chips and homemade salsa...he hasn't tried them yet, but I will let you know! (Some homemade guacamole would be so good with this too! Anyone have a good recipe?)

The Mushroom Risotto and Mint Peas are both frozen...they will be good for a busy night for a quick dinner!

Have y'all ever been to Trader Joe's? What do y'all buy there?!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tail-Wagging Tuesday

I stumbled upon this blog-hop when perusing the bloggers who also linked up for Target Tuesday.  Well, seeing as how I love my furbaby Elli more than anything, I knew I just had to participate!

Today we are supposed to post our most favorite picture of our furbaby...umm, that is really hard!! (So I'll cheat and post 3!)

The first two are from the first days we had Elli...she was so little and clumsy! We called her drunk puppy because she would sleep all day/night and then when one of us would get up/come home from work she would get up to "check things out" and then stumble around and fall over! Such a sweet puppy!

I had to include this last picture because I promise Elli does other things than cuddle and sleep.  She does enjoy getting a run in from time to time!

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