Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Work Christmas Potluck

I completely meant to post this last Thursday, but preparations for Christmas set me back!

My work had their Christmas potluck Thursday.  There was so much yummy food! I brought my mom's chocolate chip and pecan cookies to share...they were a hit! {thanks, mom!}

After lunch, we had a "decorate the provider" fashion show!  I was teamed up with a lady from the business office and a girl from the reception desk to dress up the doctor I work for.  Now, we were a super sedate team.  I am not one to go too crazy, even though I am super competitive and love any good craft!  Earlier in the week, the person who organized the "fashion show" provided each team with a bag of Christmas decorations {ornaments, bows, tinsel...} to use to decorate the provider and we were instructed that we could use these decorations and then anything we could find in the office.

We had the idea to dress our provider up as a Christmas tree.  We instructed him to wear a green shirt and brown pants and we wrapped him in the tinsel and hung snowflakes, ornaments, and tiny stockings that were on our company Christmas tree.

{I blurred out faces to protect the innocent!}

{I do not know why in the world I have such an evil look on my face!}

And...we won!! We were beyond shocked!  It was so much fun to see everyone dressed up and it definitely got us in the Christmas spirit!!


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