Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Weekend Recap: Christmas at Home

This past weekend was a complete blur! Tom and I headed to North Carolina when I got off of work on Friday and came back to Virginia Sunday afternoon.  Talk about a quick trip!  I am so glad that we were able to make it back home though; I have to work Christmas Eve, so I won't be able to go back to visit my family for Christmas.

Fortunately, my family made sure that I had a great "Christmas" with them!  I mean, they went way over and beyond what I ever expected!  I was completely and totally overwhelmed the entire weekend!

I was a terrible, terrible blogger; I took hardly any pictures!  I know, I even promised to post lots of pictures!  I did manage to snag a few pictures from Sunday, though.

We got to North Carolina around 10:30 Friday night.  The drive was okay, just really long and we ran in to some rain on the trip down, which made the drive seem even longer.  Mom made us some yummy homemade popcorn when we got there and we watched five episodes of Modern Family while we waited for my sister to come home from a Christmas party.

Saturday morning, Mom made us a yummy breakfast and then we all headed out to Winston to Dewey's Bakery to pick up some Christmas gifts for my co-workers.  When we got back home, Mattie and I headed up town to pick up a last minute gift for my mom {nothing like waiting until the last minute, huh?}.  The rest of the day Saturday was spent preparing dinner for that night.  My mom invited my grandparents and her sister's family over for dinner to have a mini-Christmas for me.  We had Lemon Chicken, garlic mashed potatoes, and spinach for dinner.  For dessert, we had my favorite: Banana Pudding Pie!  I am kicking myself for taking no pictures! My mom had a total "Martha Stewart moment" in how she decorated for the night...but take my word for it: it was CUTE!  After everyone left, we finished the disk of Modern Family--my mom really liked that show and I might have convinced her to start recording it!!  Mom gave Tom and I are Christmas pajamas {each year on Christmas Eve, mom gives Mattie and me pajamas to wear that night; this year Tom was included, too--his aren't matching Mom, Mattie, and mine--his are boyish, don't worry!}.  I will definitely post a picture of these soon!

Sunday morning, we did our Christmas with my mom.  We enjoyed a cup of Gingerbread coffee {Green Mountain Coffee K-cups...very good!} and opened our stockings and gifts.  It was a great morning!

Later Sunday morning, Mattie, Tom, and I headed over to my dad's parents' house for "Christmas."  They prepared an absolutely delicious brunch spread, complete with my absolute favorite thing--Cucumber Sandwiches! Y'all have no idea how excited I was to see those finger sandwiches!! :-)  M even made Cider with Mulled Spices...so yummy!  We spent the morning opening presents, eating yummy food, and visiting.

After spending a few hours visiting with Dad, Betsy, M and Poppop, Tom, Mattie, and I headed back to Mom's house to pack up and head back to Virginia.  We made it out of town by 3:00 and back to Virginia just before 8:00.  To say we were tired is an understatement!!

Here are the few pictures that I took this weekend {all iPhone pictures, sorry!}:

M and Poppop's Snow Village

If this were a real house, I would move right in! :-)


Cute Mattie

Mom's Christmas Tree
 I am telling y'all, I had such a great weekend with my family!  It was definitely a whirlwind of a trip, but I am so happy that I made it home!  I don't know how in the world I am going to thank everyone as much as they deserve for all the nice presents that they gave me for Christmas.  Seriously y'all, I must have been very, very good this year because I am so overwhelmed with how many nice things I received for Christmas.  I will make sure to point out in my OOTD posts which items were Christmas gifts and maybe do a post after Christmas of the non-clothing items!

This weekend also showed that I wouldn't trade my time with my family for anything; sleep included!  This weekend really showed me how truly blessed and loved I am...I have a feeling that on the actual day of Christmas I am going to be extremely homesick and wishing my family was up here with me!

Just a sidenote--I have an amazing My Memories giveaway coming your way {hopefully} on Thursday! So, get ready!! :-)


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