Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Wedding Venue

We have decided on a wedding venue! This is huge news--this means it is really happening!

Not only are we using this space for the wedding, but also the rehearsal dinner and reception!  I am so super excited and have no idea!!  We are getting married back in North Carolina, so it's going to be a lot of work to plan it from up here, but luckily I have a bunch of help!!

We plan on having people come in through the main entrance, into the lobby, the inner lobby, the bar, and in to the main dining room where the wedding will take place.  The bar will be where dancing will take place after the wedding.

Here are a few pictures that I took when we went to go see the space and a floor layout...

The Main Entrance:

The Lobby {can't you just picture the banister decorated with beautiful flowers??}

The Inner Lobby

View of the Main Dining Room from the Inner Lobby {I think we are going to have Tom and his groom's men enter through this door}

The Bar

The Main Dining Area {front view}

The Main Dining Room {back side}

{front side again}

Outside Area {Maybe putting the bar out here??}

We are so excited to start thinking about all of the decorations for the space!! :-)

I hope y'all have a great weekend!!



Allison said...

How exciting!! It is beautiful!! We planned our wedding in our home town but lived in another city. Tricky but totally doable!

Anonymous said...

Looks like an amazing venue!! Can't wait to see it all done up for your big day :)

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