Thursday, December 29, 2011

Reading List

I have had this reading list on my sidebar since June, chronicling all of the books that I have read.  Since it is almost the start of a new year, I will be starting my list over to keep up with what I read in the year 2012.

However, I do not want to lose track of ALL the books that I have read/will be reading.  So, this post will be updated with not only the books that I complete, but also a running list of all of the books that I am currently reading and the ones that I want to read in the future.

I hope that I can keep up with this list and that it doesn't get buried in all of my posts!  But, I hate when I go to start reading a book and everything sounds familiar but I can't remember if I have read it or not...does that happen to anyone else??

Reading List {updated 1/22/2012}
1. 10th Anniversary {Completed 6/4}
2. The Help {Completed 6/8}
3. The Secret {Completed 6/21}
4. New Moon {Completed 6/29}
5. Eclipse {Completed 7/9}
6. Breaking Dawn {Completed 7/21}
7. Dead Until Dark {Completed 7/30}
8. Living Dead in Dallas {Completed 8/27}
9. Club Dead {Completed 9/5}
10. Real Murders {Completed 9/11}
11. Strangers {Completed 9/20}
12. Backstage Stuff {Completed 9/24}
13. The Julius House {Completed 9/25}
14. Royal Blood {Completed 9/28}
15. Dead to the World {Completed 10/2}
16. Her Royal Spyness {Completed 10/21}
17. Dead Guys Stuff {Completed 10/23}
18. Dead as a Doornail {Completed 10/30}
19. Definitely Dead {Completed 11/11}
20. Last Scene Alive {Completed 11/21}
21. Royal Flush {Completed 12/2}
22. All Together Dead {Completed 12/7}
23. From Dead to Worse {Completed 12/30}

2012 Reading List {added 2/20/13}

1. Dead and Gone {Completed 1/5}
2. Dead in the Family {Completed 1/23}
3. Dead Reckoning {Completed 3/30}
4. Naughty in Nice {Completed 5/13}
5. A Fool and His Honey {Completed 5/19}
6. Grave Sight {Completed 5/21}
7. 11th Hour {Completed 10/29}
8. Deadlocked {Completed 11/5}
9. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone {Completed 11/18}
10. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets {Completed 11/25}
11. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban {Completed 12/1}
12. The Twelve Clues of Christmas {Completed 12/3}
13. Murphy's Law {Completed 12/27}

Any suggestions on good books to add to my list??

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Melanie said...

My goal is to read at least 1 book per month this year. I love reading, but haven't been taking the time to do so.
I do recommend the Hunger Games. I totally thought I would hate it, but I loved them!
If you have any suggestions for me, please let me know!

Allison said...

I agree with Melanie, the Hunger Games. I have finished book 1 and am on book 2 and it has been amazing!!

Life With Lauren said...

I still have not read the help yet! Need to pick that one up!

Katie said...

I read "Before Ever After" by Samantha Sotto this year, and it is by far one of my fave books of all time now! Highly recommend it. Also good if you have any interest at all in religious fiction - "The Red Tent" by Anita Diamant, and "Eve" by Elissa Elliott both are really great.

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