Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Day Off After Christmas

Since none of us had to work/go to school on Monday, we decided to go to some fun places around the area.  Tom and I have been up here in Virginia since June and have yet to really go out and explore our surroundings!  We live in a very historic area of Virginia, with Jamestown and Williamsburg just around an hour away.  I have done both of those places before, so his family wanted to take us to a historic place that was just a little bit closer to us!

My Outfit of the Day:

{top: target}
{sweater: boutique in my hometown}
{jeans: j.crew}
{shoes: Toms}
{bag: vera bradley in hello dahlia}

My shirt is actually burgundy and my sweater is black, but the flash didn't catch it for some reason!!

Our first stop was the Casemate Museum at Fort Monroe.  Fort Monroe recently closed as an actual fort, even though the museum was always open to civilians.

{The actual fort is surrounded by a moat!!}

{To get in to the fort, we had to go through this itty-bitty tunnel...}
{This is how close we were to the walls of the tunnel!}

As a history major I really enjoyed the museum!  I am so much more of a "how people lived" history buff, as opposed to military history--this museum offered both so it was perfect for everyone in the family!!

{Trevor was almost big enough to have been a solider in the Civil War.  Apparently the average soldier was 5'8" and 140 pounds!}
I love all of these artifacts!!

{We thought this guy looked just like Matthew McConaughey!} 
After going to the Casemate Museum, we stopped by the waterfront to take a few pictures...

Once we left Fort Monroe, we headed to the local Naval Base to see the "big boats."  I was seriously in shock at how huge this ships are!  I mean, seriously y'all, these boats are ginormous!!  I took a few pictures of them...

{look at this seagull!!}

We also got to see some submarines!!  How cool are these??

When we got back from our day out, we settled in to eat leftovers from Christmas dinner! I am so not a leftover girl, but I am hoping that we kill them off soon so we don't eat them all week!! :-)



Amanda said...

How wonderful! Looks like you all had a great time!

Krystal said...

I love historic sites like that ...u mmm that tunnel is ridiculous!

Katie said...

How fun! I love visiting historical places too, but I'm like you - I like the personal stories more than the cold hard facts.

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