Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Current Obsessions

I have found some great things that I am obsessed with that I wanted to share with y'all!!


Pumpkin Spice Coffee for the Keurig

Source: google.com via Courtney on Pinterest

I love, love, love this coffee! It is so yummy with just a little bit of half and half mixed in.  Mom got me a few K-cups of it to try and by the time she went back to order me a box, Green Mountain was out!  Tom and I checked Bed, Bath, and Beyond and they were out, too! Luckily, I snagged a box at Target!  Seriously though, this coffee is really yummy and perfect for a cool day!


Dole Smoothie Shakers

Source: google.com via Courtney on Pinterest

These are so easy and convenient for rushed mornings!  All you have to do is do an initial "heavy" shake to loosen all of the frozen pieces of fruit and yogurt, add the correct amount of juice {there is a fill-line on the bottle}, and then shake for 30-45 seconds! No blender required...which is perfect for me since I leave for work at 6:15 in the morning--a blender would wake up the whole house!!


OPI Bogota Blackberry Polish

{Not my fingers...found off of google}

When I used to go get my nails done {man, that feels like forever ago}, I would ALWAYS get this color! It is a deep burgundy/red with just a hint of shimmer.  I feel like it is the perfect dark red for fall/winter!


Pomegranate Green Tea K-Cups

Source: google.com via Courtney on Pinterest

This hot tea is so super yummy! I am a major hot tea fan; my absolute favorite is the Sleepy Time Tea, but this is such a super-close second!!  It has a sweet fruity flavor that balances the normal green tea flavor.  So perfect for cold mornings!!


Mariah Carey and Michael Buble Christmas CDs

Source: google.com via Courtney on Pinterest

Source: google.com via Courtney on Pinterest

 The original Mariah Carey Christmas CD is, hands-down, my favorite Christmas CD of all time.  I have listened to this CD every year since it came out {1994} and will continue to listen to it!  However, my co-workers introduced me to the Michael Buble Christmas CD and I think that I need to go buy it to add into my Christmas playlist...it is so good!!

There you have it...my top 5 current obsessions!  Maybe, I will make this a weekly thing, since I find myself finding new great things everyday!



Anonymous said...

I've been listening to his station on Pandora. He's got such a dreamy sound...

Kristine said...

You can't go wrong with either of those two holiday CD's. I haven't tried the Dole shakes yet but I've been hearing good things!

Amanda said...

All great things to be loving :) I need to find these smoothie shaker things! Looks like something I would really enjoy!

Miranda said...

bogota blackberry is one of my favorite nail polish colors!

Betty said...

I've heard about the pumpkin spice keurig and must try it! Thanks for reinforcing that desire!!

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