Tuesday, November 1, 2011


First of all, thank you guys so much for all of the suggestions for work-appropriate Halloween costumes!! I had so much fun reading all of them and imagining how I could interpret each one with things I already owned!

I ended up dressing up like a cat...thanks to my cousin, Lilli, who texted me and suggested it! Thanks Lil!

I already had a pair of black pants and a black shirt and I had just bought a leopard print cardigan on deep discount from Old Navy.  The only thing I needed for the costume was some cat ears.

Apparently, waiting until Halloween weekend to find a cat ear headband leaves you empty handed.  I went to Target and Walmart looking for a headband with cat ears on it, but had absolutely no luck.  The closest thing I could find was a cat face mask...no thanks for all day at work!!

So what's a crafty/thrifty girl to do?? Make her own, of course!!

So, while at Walmart, I grabbed some black felt and a wide black fabric headband.

I ended up cutting out the ears and hot gluing them to the headband {by adding a little extra length to the ears and making a flap to hot glue to the headband} and then covered the head band with the rest of the felt, with two slits cut for the ears to poke through {for extra stability}.

I found some light pink ribbon and used a small amount to add some pink to the ears.  With the left overs, I made a "collar" and even added a bell and jewels.  Come on ladies, if I'm going to be a cat, I have to be a bedazzled cat!! :-)

I finished off my costume with cat-eye makeup.  I forwent the drawn on nose and whiskers...I was just a little unsure about drawing on my face {I am very particular and precise when it comes to my makeup and it already took me way to look to do the eye makeup...I could only imagine how long it would take me to freehand a cat nose and whiskers!!}.

I hope everyone had a great Halloween!!


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Miranda said...

cute costume! it looks great!

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