Saturday, November 26, 2011

Christmas Wish List

I have almost FINISHED my Christmas shopping this year!  This is HUGE for me...I am usually out with all of the men {no offense guys} on Christmas Eve hurriedly trying to finish up my shopping.  I still have some things that I need to grab, but otherwise I am almost there!  I've even ordered Tom, Elli, and my Christmas cards...for some reason I am just on the ball this year!

One thing I always, always, always have a problem with is making my Christmas list for my family to give me.  Don't get me wrong, I spend all year saying "oh, that would make a great Christmas gift for me," but when it comes down to actually making the list...I go completely blank! are some things that I am currently crossing my fingers for:


iPad 2

Okay, this is something that I foresee myself wanting for quite some time.  But, I would certainly welcome this under the tree this year!  My poor MacBook has seen better days, especially with the "W" button hanging on my a thread {or I guess technically a piece of plastic}, so I am constantly in a debate with myself over whether I want a new MacBook {Pro} or an iPad 2.  As of now, the iPad is winning...who knows where I will stand when it actually comes time to buy one!


Source: via Courtney on Pinterest

Gilded Houndstooth Tom's

Now, I know that I am getting these from my mom's parents for Christmas, but I just love them so much that I had to include them on my list!  These are so festive and COMFORTABLE!! I even have a pair of skinny jeans now to wear with them!!


A New Watch

I have a tortoise shell watch that Tom gave me for my birthday this year that I love, but I would love a new "everyday" watch that is not quite as large-faced.  I definitely want something silver, with either a red or black band.  Something very classic!  I love this one by Pandora!


Pearl Studs

I currently have a pair of very, very fake pearl earrings that are "dull" in color because I wear them so much that they look even more fake than the day I bought them at Stein Mart for $4.00.  I really want a pair of nice pearl earrings that I can wear everyday!


Tory Burch Reva Flats

Do I even need to say why I want these shoes?? They have been on my Christmas list for at least four years and I'm hoping this is the year!!  Plus, I wear flats everyday to work, so they are practical!!


Clothes for Work

I have a closet full of well-worn tops, sweaters, and dresses and would welcome some new additions! Especially some skirts and dresses to wear with tights and boots come colder weather!!


Source: via Courtney on Pinterest

Burberry London Perfume

This is my favorite perfume and I have been out of it since last year! I really hope I can get a new bottle for Christmas!!

Cashmere Wrap/Scarf

I'm missing half of my scarves from our move.  I have no clue where they got to...I know they are somewhere, but I just don't know where!  I would love a cozy scarf for the cold weather!


Personalized Note Cards/Note Pads

I love anything monogrammed!  I am out of my monogrammed greeting cards, so I would love a new set for Christmas!


Gift Cards

I love gift cards...I usually ONLY shop sales, so I hate asking for anything full-price that I know will go on sale for cheap!  Gift cards are the perfect solution!!  I would love gift cards to J. Crew, Target, Dress Barn, Ann Taylor Loft...pretty much anywhere!!

I would also love {hint, hint, TOM} a gift certificate to get a massage/pedicure!!

What's on your Christmas list?


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Those Toms are fantastic!!!

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