Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Ask Me Anything...Round Two

Way back in September,  I opened my blog up to questions.  Well, I have been very slack about answering them and I apologize for that!

But, I am getting back on track!!

Miranda from Aimless Translation asked "What are your favorite store to shop at? {for clothes, accessories, home, etc.}"

This might shape out into a very long blog post!!  But, I'll do my best to categorize everything...


I am a firm believer in having good handbags.  I am not one to buy many cheap purses--I would much rather pay a lot for one good bag, than the same amount of money spread out over several.  I believe that you get what you pay for in purses--something you will use every day!  {You can trust me on this theory, I have a huge handbag collection of the many bags that I would buy just to buy...but I have bought two very nice purses in the past three years and, trust me, you get what you pay for, so I will no longer be buying just to buy!}


My current purse is Kate Spade and I love it!  I have made several Kate Spade purchases over the past few years--I have things from my eyeglass to socks to wallets from the brand.  Everything that I have gotten from this brand is very well-made and you can find really good deals on the websites during "flash sales" and in their outlets.  {Even E-bay...I have found many bags on E-bay for cheap!}


My previous bag was Tory Burch and I can say nothing bad about it! I carried that bag almost everyday for two years.  It was sturdy, durable, and was classic in design.

Other favorite purse brands of mine are Longchamp, Coach, and Burberry. All of my "favorite" brands are all very classic lines that offer bags that will be in style for many years to come.  {The Burberry was a splurge from my trip to London in high school.}

For jewelry, I tend to wear the same pieces on a daily basis.  I have a tortoise shell watch {Anne Klein} from Macy's that Tom got me for my birthday as well as a Citizen watch that I alternate during the week.  I have a silver heart necklace from my mom and a Slane and Slane bee necklace from my grandmother that I also alternate.  For earrings, I stick with my fake pearl earrings.  I am hoping to get a pair of real pearl earrings soon {Christmas wishlist!!}.  I have found some fun costume jewelry from Ann Taylor Loft and J. Crew...I always check the sale racks to see if I can score some cheap fun jewelry!


Since I'm currently living with my in-laws, I don't have much say in the decor.  However, I can still look!!  When we were in the apartment, I loved getting decor from Target and Hobby Lobby!  I could spend hours going up and down the aisles at these stores, hoping to find the perfect thing to add to my home.  I love buying things for my home...I love finding the odd item that completes the room!!


Oh man, do I love shopping for clothes or what?!  I have many, many stores that I love shopping at and most of them I have specific things I look for at each...


Target: I love buying basic layering t-shirts at Target.  Right now, the Merona long-sleeve t-shirts are on sale for $8 and I have already been once to buy off-white and gray, but am hoping that when I go back later on this week they still have some colors left in my size!!  These wash really well and don't shrink.  


J. Crew: I LOVE J. Crew jeans!!  Holy cow, I don't know how I have missed these my entire life...they fit so well!!  I also really love their "Jackie" cardigans, tops, and dresses!


Dress Barn: I used to have such a negative connotation towards Dress Barn.  I do not know why!!  It is hit or miss, but when you really hit!!  I buy most of my work clothes here.


T.J. Maxx: This store is a conundrum for me.  If I only have a limited amount of time, there is no way I will find anything.  If I have massive amounts of time to kill, I will find tons of things!  I think that the only way to find things in a store like this is to just dig through the racks and piles and you will never know what you are going to find!!


I love Bobbi Brown {face basics--tinted moisturizer, blush, bronzer, concealer}, Urban Decay {The Naked Palette...enough said}, and Rimmel {mascara...only $2.99!}.  I'm also a big fan of Clinique, MAC, and Laura Mercier.

Well...this post wasn't too long!!  If y'all have any more questions that you're just itching to ask me, just leave it on this post and I'll make sure to answer them!! {It won't take me almost two months this time!}

**I wasn't compensated at all for this post.  Just my honest opinions about the places I love to shop at!**



Miranda said...

I love Target! they always have great things and we get everything target brand for my much cheaper and still good quality!

Amanda said...

I LOVE Bobbi Brown makeup! Hope the new job is still treating you well :)

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