Thursday, October 20, 2011

Story of a Straightener

When I was in high school, I was so excited do buy my first expensive straightener with my paycheck from my summer job.  I went to the mall to get a CHI but let the saleswoman talk me into a Paul Mitchell straightener.

Paul Mitchell Flat Hair Iron

Oh my goodness, I loved this straightener.  It was the best hair care purchase I have ever made!  It lasted all through high school and through my first year of college.  Unfortunately, an accident sophomore year left my beloved straightener in two pieces and me with frizzy hair.

When I got my job at Outback, I knew that with my first paycheck I would buy a new straightener.  I decided to get a Remington flat iron, so I wouldn't spend a whole lot of money and maybe it would do a decent job.

Well...I love this straightener! It has definitely served me well for the past four years!  It gets super hot and does the job!

Unfortunately, it has come time to replace this flat iron.  It now gets really hot on the part you hold and I end up burning myself when I am trying to straighten my hair.  A piece has also fallen off.

So tonight, with my first paycheck in the bank, I am headed out to buy myself a brand-new straightener!!

The question I have for you ladies, should I get the plain old black CHI:


Or the colored one:

CHI Air Classic Trmln Crmic 1" Flat Iron

I would love y'alls imput!!



tara said...

I love my plain old back chi!

tara said...

Lol. Black, not back!

Celia said...

I love my CHI! I actually have the CHI Turbo :) its red! I vote for the black one though.

Kate as of Late said...

I've had my "bling bling" chi for 7 years! I looove it! I think any chi is a good choice girly! Congrats! ;)

Brianna said...

i have the black one, I bought it last year. I loooooved it. until a couple months ago... it's weird and doesn't always heat up... I think it has a short in it because it makes a weird crackly sound and the LED light doesn't always come on, thus it isn't heating unless the cord is positioned a certain way... but I still believe in chi and hope it's just bad luck with mine!!

Miranda said...

i have never needed a hair is way too straight. but i would go with the black one!

Catherine said...

Colored one, duh! I just ordered the breast cancer one, it's white with grey and pink inspirations written on it.

Katie said...

The pink is cute - if it was me I'd go with whichever was cheaper. If they are the same - prob pink. I used to have a straightener I loved, and my sister stole it when I moved out. The one I have now SUCKS, but I can't find the old one anywhere!

Amanda said...

Pink. Always go with the pink. Seeing things that are pink make me instantly happy. It's weird, but true. That's one of the reasons that I feel like if everything was pink, the world would be a better place.

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