Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Midweek Randoms!

Man, y'all, this week is getting away from me again!!  The listing of things works out well for me, so here is another list of the random happenings that are currently going on in my life...

1. I haven't mentioned this on my blog, but Tom's grandma passed away a week and a half ago.  If you have been following my blog for awhile, you might remember that we traveled up to Maryland back in July to visit with her since she had just be admitted into Hospice.  She passed away peacefully Thursday, September 29.  Her funeral is this Friday {she was cremated} and we will all be making the drive up Friday morning and spending the night.  Tom's family is staying for the weekend, while Tom and I are coming home Saturday {maybe we can have a date night...}  Anyways, please keep Tom and his family in your thoughts!

2. Can we pause for a minute and discuss the awesomeness that was J.R. Martinez and Ricki Lake on DWTS Monday night?? I mean, seriously y'all...

And then Julianne and Derek Hough's!

3.  Has anyone else had problems with BlogPress for your iPhone? Every time I go to post something it kicks it back out.  I downloaded Blogger's app {I didn't even realize they had it new?} and have been posting my OOTD posts from it in the mornings before work.

4. I hope my OOTD posts are driving y'all crazy!  I am doing them so I can {1} keep a record of what I am wearing each week so I don't repeat too soon, {2} document it so my family/friends to see, and {3} maybe giving y'all some inspiration! I am no fashion blogger by any means, but I do love looking good and shopping!!

5. Do y'all have any recommendations for good scary movies?? I love horror movies, but stopped watching them while I lived alone because, let's face it, there is nothing that can put horrible images in your head of all the ways something bad could happen to you than watching a scary movie late at night alone!!!  However, Tom and I want to watch some good scary movies to celebrate Halloween, so I would love some suggestions!!

6. Tom and I have a new obsession...Modern Family.  Oh my goodness, this show is hysterical!! I started getting them from Netflix and we are so eager for the next disc to arrive.  {Note to self: this may be the next series we start buying!!  It is that funny!!!}

7.  I am still going to finish up the "Ask me Anything" posts...please feel free to ask me any questions {on this post, or any post!} and I will include it in my next Questions post.  The questions can be anything...from where I shop, how I do my hair {although it is NOTHING special!}, what vitamins I take, my favorite machines to use at the gym, my favorite recipe, when Tom and I might be getting married...seriously ladies, ask away!!

8. I am running out of clothes options for work.  Luckily, I am getting my first paycheck on Tuesday!! I  foresee and shopping trip in my {near} future.

9.  Next weekend, is Tom's uncle's wedding {the wedding I bought the blue dress for}.  My question for y'all should I do my hair?? 

Down and straight? Low, side pony on the opposite side of the ruffle?? I need your help!!

10. I feel like I am asking a lot out of y'all in this post!!  I'm going to ask one more can I make my blog better? What do y'all like hearing me talk about? Anything you want me to talk more about?

Goodness gracious, I am asking y'all all sorts of questions!!  But seriously...ask me anything for my next "questions" post.  Recommend some scary movies.  Hair advice...I need it BAD!  And, is there anything I should change/revamp about my blog??

I hope y'all have a great rest of your Wednesday!! :-) Yay for tomorrow being my Friday!!



Kathleen said...

Derek Hough is my all time favorite DWTS pro! I want to marry him. lol And Julianne is my second favorite so it was good to see her back! Modern Family is HILARIOUS! One of my favorites! I need to buy the seasons. My roommate really like Paranormal Activity. I'm gonna watch the first two with her so we can go see the third one when it comes out like next week!

Oh and I adore that blue dress! :)

Miranda said...

My opinion is to wear your hair down with that dress...i think that would look super cute! i LOVE modern family...i have watched it from Day 1 and can't believe everyone doesn't watch it! I like seeing what you wear everyday...hopefully some day i get a job where i can wear fun things! loved JR's and Ricki's dances...I also love Hope and Maks. And to tell you the truth, no suggestions on how to make your blog better...i think it's pretty darn good!

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