Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!

It is so hard to believe that October is over and that Halloween is here! This month has gotten away from me!

I love Halloween! In fact, I love anything spooky, creepy, and scary!  I love horror movies, I love dressing up, I love the crisp fall air...I love everything about this time of year and this specific holiday!

I was looking at MovieFone and Netflix this afternoon and realized how much I love scary movies and how many I have seen.  I thought I would share with y'all my all time favorite scary/Halloween-themed/horror movies!


Hocus Pocus


I love watching this movie every Halloween.  I finally broke down last week and bought it on DVD.  This movie used to scare me so much when I was little, but I just kept watching it!  It's funny...I remember exactly when and where my mom bought it for me {Winn Dixie} and I have watched it ever since!


The Shining


This movie is so creepy!  The whole idea of being isolated from the rest of the world {snowed in at a creepy hotel}, it is understandable ho someone could come down with a severe case of "cabin fever."




This one is an Alfred Hitchcock classic! The shower scene alone cements it as one of the horror movie greats!  The surprise ending of the movie when you find out who killed Marion is one of the best twists to any horror movie...I won't ruin it if you haven't seen the movie!  This movie is definitely creepy, suspenseful, and scary!


Rear Window


This film is another Alfred Hitchcock classic!  This film makes you sit on the edge of your seat for the entire duration of the movie...very, very good!  My mom rented this movie for me when I was home sick from school {for an entire week...ick!} and I watched this movie at least 5 times in a row!  The Shia LeBouf movie Disturbia is a modern remake of this movie.


Dead Silence


This movie seriously creeps me out!  It's whole premise is about a woman who was a ventriloquist and treated her ventriloquist dummies as her children.  I don't know about y'all, but those dummies are creepy!!  This movie is really good, though, and stars Jason Stackhouse!


The Hitcher


I love the remake of this movie!  I really love that Sophia Bush is cast as a strong female lead...most times in horror movies the girls are just the stupid people that end up getting caught by the killer.  This is a really good movie, in my opinion, and definitely worth renting!




Obviously, I'm talking about the original!  The Rob Zombie remake was just too weird for my personal taste.  This movie is a little dated, but is still very good and very scary.  Plus, I think the Halloween franchise has held up better in the sequels than the Friday the 13ths and the Nightmare on Elm Streets.  Again, just my personal opinion.  {However, the new Nightmare on Elm Street was absolutely terrifying--I recommend watching this movie if you want to be scared!}


The Evil Dead 2

This movie is absolutely hysterical...even though it is meant to be scary!  This movie just has so many funny moments that you really can't get scared by it!  I love this movie!


The Strangers


This movie is beyond scary!  Tom and I went to go see this in the theater and I was scared to death driving home with him in the dark.  I kept scanning the roadside making sure no one was going to "get us"...that is how you know that the movie is scary!!


Stay Alive


This movie scares me every time I watch it!  There is just something scary about technology {video games} controlling someone's outcome that is terrifying!!

It got super hard to narrow down my favorite scary/Halloween movies...there are so many more I could have included!!

What are your favorite scary movies?

Happy Halloween!!



Celia said...

I love Hocus Pocus!! :) I used to LOVE scary movies, but I think I scary movied myself out. =/

A Babbling Brunette said...

I love Hocus Pocus!!! I actually forgot about that movie. I used to watch it all the time when I was younger!

Victoria said...

i am scared just by looking at the pictures and reading their plots!i am not a big scary movie fan but i would watch them with other people around (you know, for safety reasons) lol.

happy halloween!

Katie said...

I love Hocus Pocus too! They aren't really "Halloween" type movies, but I love all the Jaws movies. Paranormal Activity freaked me out too - I'm still afraid to watch any of them unless it's in the daytime.

Sierra said...

oooh, i love hocus pocus! i just watched it last night with a man friend:) he must like me because he endured it! good movie choices!!

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