Thursday, October 27, 2011

Halloween Costume Help!!

We are supposed to dress up Monday for Halloween and I need some major help! I have no clue what to wear!!

Obviously since I work in a Pediatric Clinic, the costume needs to be PG...maybe even G! 

I would love some suggestions from y'all!!  They do need to be something that I can easily recreate with minimal purchases and if it is something I buy, I need to be able to wear it again!

So please, please help a girl out!!



Kristina said...

My staff and I also work with kids and we are all dressing up as pirates. I'm wearing a loose fitting white shirt, black vest, leggings, black boots. Eye patch and a red scarf. Messing Johnny Depp hair. A few others are wearing black yoga capris and strip shirts. Good Luck

NIXNAX said...

What about a bride zombie. Op shop wedding dress, rip it. Teaze hair. paint face white and blacken your eyes a lot. Put cobwebs all over you and maybe a spider or two?

Victoria said...

go as a ladybug or bee or fairy? or any disney princess :)

Kate as of Late said...

Cowgirl! :)
Obviously it'll be G, but wear like jeans and cowboy boots, wear a wifebeater and a plaid shirt that you tie right below your bra, cowboy hat, braided pigtails and brown eyeliner for freckles :)

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