Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Ask Me Anything: Makeup Vlog

The first question I got when I opened up my blog for questions was what is my beauty regime and what are some products I love.  I thought this offered a great opportunity for me to make another vlog so that I can talk y'all through what I love and why!

I had to cut down the vlog a lot {from 16 minutes to less than 10} so if it seems jumpy, that's why!  Also, that awful ringing/buzzing noise is my laptop! I really hope this thing lasts at least a couple more months!!

Without further ado, my makeup vlog...{doesn't YouTube always just pick the most flattering picture for the freeze frame?!}



Victoria said...

i admire your bravery for doing a vlog! i would never :) great tips though!

i love your blog and i just gave you the "versatile blogger award" feel free to participate...


Anonymous said...

great job with the vlog! these are awesome tips - i also have sensitive and fair skin so this was especially helpful for me. i've been looking for some new makeup to try that might workout better for me.

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