Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fall TV Update, Part One

We are only halfway through premiere week and this is what I'm thinking so far...

How I Met Your Mother: I am so glad that they had an hour long premiere {two separate episodes} to kick off the year!  And, can I just say, that I am so happy to see Victoria {the cupcake lady} back {maybe} in Ted's life?!

Dancing with the Stars: I wasn't quite sure what to expect with this season.  However, we watched Monday's episode last night {thank you, DVR} and I was blown away by a few contestants.  I really enjoyed David Arquette, Kristin Cavallari, Ricki Lake, and mostly, J.R. Martinez.  I am going to admit, I got really choked up when he talked about his past and how he arrived at where he is now...I love his positive attitude!!

Ringer: I haven't watched this week's episode yet, but I really liked last week's episode. The pilot definitely had its own set of problems like all other pilots, but I definitely saw potential for the series.  Plus, I love Sarah Michelle Gellar!  

I also still have Body of Proof on the DVR to watch.  I missed the Castle premiere so I am going to have to watch it on demand and have also been told that I need to watch the Two and a Half Men premiere. I also missed Glee--was it any good??

I am looking forward still for Law and Order: SVU tonight and Charlie's Angels and Grey's Anatomy tomorrow night.

Is there anything that I am missing from my weekly TV lineup??



Kate as of Late said...

ringer week two really disappointed me, i honestly don't know if I'll watch it next week. But Parenthood!!! Omg, soooo good! I took last season off but I was able to jump back in and it's amazing!
And HIMYM!! So glad you got me into that!!

Brianna said...

I love Glee!!! I watched it and liked it, you should definitely watch (:

Katie said...

I missed HIMYM! Stupid DVR messed it up- and didn't record! I'm so happy Victoria is back- I LOOOOVED her!
I didn't think Glee was very good this week. Stupid Lindsey the ho bag from Glee Project was in it, but not Damian or Samuel. Gr! I'm so excited for the Office tonight!

Anonymous said...

Did you hear that Katie Holmes is going to be on HIMYM - she is going to be the slutty pumpkin that Ted has been after since the show started.

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