Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge: Day 2

The day got away from me yesterday before I could link-up with Neely and Amber's Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge, so I'm just going to pick up on Day 2.

Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge

Today's topic is Fall Clothes/Trends/Makeup.

My style stays the same throughout the year--I tend to favor classic clothing that will never go out of style.  However, I enjoy adding scarves, jackets, and boots into my normal routine of clothing!

Here are just a few of my favorite fall clothes...

I love the striped long-sleeve t-shirt, jeans, and boots! Add a scarf to the mix and you have a fabulous fall outfit!

I love the cardigan and pop of color the t-shirt provides! I am dying for a pair of wedge boots for the fall...

Now, while I am not a teacher, I absolutely adore this outfit!  The dress is so perfect for work and I love the Tory Burch flats...another thing on my fall wish list!

I love the skinny jeans, flats, t-shirt, and scarf with this outfit!  This would be perfect for those fall days when it is not cold yet, but still a little bit chilly!!

I adore the color coordination of this outfit...everything ties together so well!!

Oh my goodness, I am dying for this green jacket! How perfect is it for the fall?

This outfit looks so comfortable!!

Now, as for makeup, I usually tend to stick to the same products year-round, since I don't really tan during the summer.  I don't wear a whole lot of makeup...I keep things pretty natural-looking.  Here are a few looks that I love for makeup...

{Sophia Bush}

Source: google.com via Courtney on Pinterest

{Sarah Michelle Gellar}

Source: google.com via Courtney on Pinterest

{Reese Witherspoon}

I really love "clean" makeup--good coverage with foundation/tinted moisturizer, blush to brighten up your face, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, and a good tinted lip balm.

Go link-up and play along!!



Rachel said...

Those clothing sets are great! :) Such cute fall finds!

yourmorninglory said...

love the outfits especially all the fun scarves :)

Life With Lauren said...

Love them all but I NEED that watch!

Cait said...

we have the same style girl :) great pics!

Anonymous said...

all great looks!

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