Friday, August 26, 2011

Preparing for Hurricane Irene

Well, it looks like Hurricane Irene has her sights set on hitting us between tomorrow morning and tomorrow night.  It is still unclear whether the eye is going to go over us or not, but we are preparing for the worst and hoping for the best!

On the way home from my job interview, traffic was at a dead stop on the other side of the road.  It was all people evacuating from the northern Outer Banks...Tom's mom and I were so glad that we weren't heading that way!!

{Tom's mom is narrating the video.  And as she said, we have never seen traffic this bad up here (and it is always pretty bad!)  Almost every single car we passed on the way back home had an Es-car-go on their roof or were pulling bikes and boats, so we just knew they were evacuating from the Outer Banks for Irene.}

Today was spent watching lots of the Weather Channel, (attempting) to get gas in all of the cars and gas containers, moving all of the outdoor furniture and plants in to shelter, and making sure all of our food and water was ready to go.  We also made sure the storm windows were down and that the basketball hoop was down so it wouldn't become a projectile in the winds!

{The patio looks weird without the usual table, chairs, and accessories!}

{Where are the lawn chairs, flower pots, and fire pit?!}

{Missing wreath}

{The dining room has turned in to a holding cell.}

{This was the patio a good game table for when the power goes out!! That's Tom's brother and cousins.}

{The breakfast nook has also become full of things from outside.}

{Poor Simba is really nervous...he knows something is going on, so he has been camped out on the stairs or laying down under our feet all afternoon.}

{The tan containers are full of water, in case our water is cut off due to the storm.}

{Lots and lots of plants...}

{Coolers waiting to be filled with supplies}

{More planters and outdoor accessories...}

{Lots and lots of gasoline to fuel the generator; plus all the cars are full, too.}

{The generator, in case the power goes out.}

{Lots of water, beer, and soda...we should be set!}
I am so glad that we are up here with Tom's parents...this isn't their first hurricane and they know what they are doing.  We have not had any evacuation orders for our location; however, Norfolk and Sandbridge have mandatory evacuation orders, but they are about twenty to thirty miles closer to water than we are (plus they are lower-lying).

I've made sure all of my electrical devices are charged (laptop, iPhone, iPod, and Nook) and I have plenty of books to read in case the power goes out!  We also are getting some board games out, too! I think Tom's brother, Trevor, is scared he is going to lose video games/television.  He suggested plugging them in to the generator, but that idea was quickly squashed when he was informed that the generator is for essentials!! We are most worried about the pool overflowing, so we may have to bail it out during the course of the storm.

I'll keep you guys posted on the storm through Twitter {@CourtneysChaos} and hopefully be able to update my blog, as long as we have power or cell phone service!  Right now, we are ready to hunker down and wait out the storm!



Meg {henninglove} said...

stay safe!!!

Sierra said...

holy cow! scary! I'll be thinking good thoughts for you guys!!

Anonymous said...

Stay safe out there!!!

Kasey said...

looks like you guys are pretty well prepared (as much as you can be, at least). stay safe!!

Anonymous said...

stay safe!! should be heading towards me after midnight saturday....i don't even know what to expect because we aren't used to these kind of storms

Kathleen said...

Glad to know you have some people that know what to do! Stay safe! :)

Melissa said...

Stay safe!

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