Friday, August 26, 2011

It Finally Came!!

In the midst of preparing for Hurricane Irene, my Erin Condren planner arrived!! Oh my goodness, I was so excited to see the brightly colored package waiting for me this afternoon!

I teetered back and forth over getting a new Lilly Pulitzer planner or ordering the more expensive Erin Condren planner.  I cannot tell you how happy I am that I ordered the EC is everything that everybody is saying it is!!

{I love these freebie stickers...I actually thought about getting the Peacock pattern for the planner so I love that it was my freebie sticker pattern!}

{I decided to get just my first name on my planner because I didn't want to commit to my current last name for 18-months because we hopefully will be getting married as soon as possible!!}

The first thing that I noticed about the planner is how sturdy the laminated cover is.  I knew to expect a laminated cover, but this thing is thick! I am so impressed!

I love all of the month tabs and that they are thick!  I am so excited that not only is there a month-at-a-glance, but also week-at-a-glance broken down in to morning, day, and night so you can stay super organized!! The stickers are such a great bonus...they will be sure to make any important day stand out.

Lots of pictures of my new EC planner...

{I love the Special Dates at a glance pages...makes transferring them to the next calendar!}
{The mini-calendars are great for planning for future appointments and plans!}
{The planner is loaded with inspirational quotes that really make you stop and realize what is important when you are trying to prioritize your life!}
{The actual month-at-a-glance calendar is on the month-tab, so this calendar is on thick card-stock which makes it extra durable!}
{On the next page after the month-at-a-glance, there are two full pages of notes}

{There are so many pages for notes...I love it! I am always making to-do lists and now I can keep it all together!}
{Important Numbers...essential in a pinch!}
{Plus, there's a place for MY emergency numbers!}
{Lots and lots of stickers!}
{Even more stickers!!}
{Plus blank stickers for making your own!}
{In even more colors!!}
{I love the double-sided folder to keep odds and ends together!}

{The plastic pocket is such a great addition! Plus, it came with some freebie stickers that matches my planner!}
{All of my "matching" freebie stickers!}
{An additional sample pack of products!!}
{Even more labels!!}

{Inside of back cover}
{Back cover}
I am so excited to start writing in my planner...especially with my new bright colored Sharpie pens that I got the other day during our Hurricane Preparation shopping trip!!

**UPDATE** These fun Sharpie pens came from Wal-Mart!  In our local store, they were in the office supplies section on an end cap with their new liquid ink pencils and were a steal at $3.97!!

If you haven't already checked out Erin Condren planners, you definitely should! They really are what they are cracked up to be...maybe even more!  They are definitely an investment, but it is so worth it!!

**I was not compensated to write this review.  I just wanted to give y'all my honest opinion on this planner, in case you were thinking about buying it!**



Krystal said...

You got me SO excited. My planner ships on the 30th! Where did you find the fun colored Sharpie pens? I've only seen the boring colors! I must have them in my life.

Jenn W said...

i need the answer to the question in the comment above-- where did you find those sharpie pens?? such pretty colors!

i keep seeing these planners EVERYWHERE and they are seriously growing on me. i love the design you chose !

Melissa said...

You're the second person I've seen blog about these planners and I'm a little curious now. About how much are they?

Brianna said...

Oh my goodness, it is so cute! I love her planners. I'll have to save up for one (:

Sandra said...

Your LP looks stunning! It's the same design I ordered and I simply cannot wait for it to arrive. Seeing your planner makes me wish I'd gone with my first name only instead of first and last. Oh well, next year.

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