Saturday, August 6, 2011

Gym Chronicles, Volume 5 and Update

Due to my stitches and subsequent removal, we still have not gotten back to going full-force at the gym.  I am looking forward to going back strong at the gym once my "boo boo" is healed!  The doctor gave me a strict warning that, while the stitches are out, I still have steri-strips holding the skin together.  Any impact or strenuous movement can tear the skin back apart.  This worst-case-scenario is NOT something I want to experience, especially at the YMCA!!

This is how our week looked:

Monday: Driving back to VA from NC

Tuesday: Extremely sore due to stitch removal

Wednesday: 30 minutes on bike

Thursday: Irritation from stitch removal/newly learned Latex allergy

Friday: 30 minutes on bike

I have been supplementing our lack of attending the YMCA with squats and sit-ups.  I am just trying to stay somewhat active during my down-time!

I did figure out that I am allergic to Latex during this whole mole removal process.  I had been using gauze and tape but then I started breaking out from it.  I ended up using a big bandaid over the stitches but still got a little irritation from it.  Tom's mom made me try every single kind of tape that they had in their house (which was about 6-8 different types) on my hand and they all made me break out!  Then, we tried a latex-free banaid and, what do you know, it didn't break me out!!  22 years and I just learned I had a latex allergy...go figure!!

I'll try to post another picture of my post-stitches, steri-strip covered "almost scar" later on today!

I hope y'all have had a great weekend!! :)


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Life With Lauren said...

Feel better and hope you have a great Sunday

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