Saturday, August 6, 2011

Gavin Degraw, Train, and Maroon 5...oh my!

Wednesday night, Tom, Trevor, and I drove up to Virginia Beach to go to the Gavin Degraw, Train, and Maroon 5 concert.  It was something totally spur of the moment; we saw an ad in the newspaper for cheap lawn tickets and drove to the pavilion a few days early to grab some and realized we could get actually seats for just a little more and not be stuck on the lawn!

I have seen Gavin Degraw and Maroon 5 before and was very excited to see them again and get to see Train for the first time!

{Just a note about the videos, we were on the second to last row and you can hardly see the stage...I mainly recorded them so that I could have a record of the show!  Plus, the 35 year old man sitting in front of us was really getting in to the show and starts bobbing his head around in the middle of all of the songs!!  And, the girls next to me were singing like they could...(although, I'm one to talk)  Note about the pictures: I forgot to bring my camera, so they are all iPhone pictures...}

Getting the stage all set up!
Gavin Degraw opened the show.  He did not disappoint! He played several new songs, but also played a lot of the old favorites!!  I loved when he played "I Don't Wanna Be"...One Tree Hill theme song!!

We took a couple of pictures during the re-set...

Train came on the stage next!  Their set lasted an hour and I could have listened to them play all night long! At one point they covered Rhianna's "Umbrella" and it started to pour down rain outside! (I am so glad we decided to get seats underneath the roof! I would not have been happy to have gotten rained on!)  I got really nervous near the end because they hadn't played "Drops of Jupiter" which is my favorite song that they play.  The song reminds me of my Dad (long story short, he told me when the song first came out like 15 years ago that he wanted it played at his funeral...way to freak out a little girl, dad!) and is "our" song...the song that we will dance to at my wedding!  Thank goodness that during their encore they played it!!

Maroon 5 finished up the show!  Holy cow, they can put on a show! It's been almost 8 years since I last saw them perform and I forgot just how much energy they put into their set!  I was absolutely blown away!!  They played for 15 minutes less than Train did but played about 10 more song led directly to the next with only short breaks here and there! 

I was a bit worried about seeing these three groups perform because I have been slack about listening to their new music.  I was so happy to see that while they all played songs off of their new albums, they intermixed them with older music, too! Now I'm on the hunt for Maroon 5's new CD!



Jenn W said...

love love love Gavin Degraw. i saw him a while back and he put on such a good show. i can't wait for a new album to come out!
and yes- you should definitely get maroon 5's new one. really good!

Kristine said...

I'm so jealous. I love all three artists? Bands? All of the above? :) Looks like you had a blast!

Ashleigh said...

so jealous! i love me some Adam Levine!

[SMASH] said...

Glad you enjoyed the concert and didn't get rained on! The only time I've ever had lawn seats [to see Brad Paisley] it poured all night!

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