Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Day 4 of 10 Day YOU Challenge

I'm continuing on with the 10 Day YOU Challenge hosted by Nicole over at Dancing with Sunshine!

For day 4 of the 10 Day YOU Challenge, you have to list 7 wants.


I want: to get a job! I am really hating this "unemployed" time in my life.  I have gotten a lot of rest and relaxation over the summer, but I really need to get a job!  Those student loans aren't going to pay themselves...


I want: to be the best daughter, sister, soon-to-be-wife I can be!


I want: to have long hair.  This is a vain one, I know, but I haven't had long hair in such a long time and I seriously miss it!


I want: to take better care of myself.  I have been going to the gym (almost) regularly and have been watching what I eat...now I think it is about time to see some results!!


I want: my sister to find a perfect college to attend next fall!  When I applied to colleges, I only applied to Elon...no backup....Elon or bust basically!  I knew it would be a perfect fit for me and I didn't bother looking anywhere else (I probably should have, but that's another story).  I want her to find a school that she will fit in perfectly to and make the best of her four years there!


I want: to start planning our wedding! I cannot wait until it is the "right time" to start planning our wedding!  We just have to get the whole benefits thing worked out!


I want: to get extremely organized! I love being organized! It just takes a lot to actually "be" organized!  When we moved into Tom's parents' house three months ago, we had thought it would be a temporary stay...now we are here for another year!  It is time to go through all of the boxes of stuff we packed from the apartment and THROW AWAY!!

Head over to Nicole's blog to play along!



Amanda said...

I like this post! All the things you want are good things (including long hair).

Ashley said...

I hear ya on the whole wanting to be more healthy .. I am gonna try to lose some lbs and get more on track with going to gym and eating healthy :) I'm lovin this 10 day challenge thing!

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