Friday, August 12, 2011

Day 3 of 10 Day You Challenge

I meant to write this post yesterday and be on day 4 today, but I have been feeling extremely under the weather! I feel like I might be coming down with a sinus infection, so I have been taking it easy and drinking plenty of fluids.

For Day 3, I have to share 8 fears that I have.  This part of the 10 Day You Challenge is really hard for me--I have a hard time revealing my fears! we go!


Fear of: Something happening to Tom.  We drove out his route for work yesterday morning and either way he goes, he has to go through an underwater tunnel.  This really freaks me out!  I get very anxious when I think about him having to go through these.


Fear of: Something happening to my family. It's really hard for me to be this far from home and it terrifies me that something will happen to a family member while we are far away!


Fear of: Something happening to Elli.  Two days ago, she had an allergic reaction to an antibiotic that she was put on for an ear infection.  Her stomach swelled up to about 10 times its normal size and she gained 10 pounds since the previous day when she had been weighed at the vet.  I about lost it--I could not imagine something happening to my two-year-old little puppy! Luckily, she is doing much better!


Fear of: Failure.  I pride myself on working really hard and if I can't do something right, I keep trying.  It terrifies me to think that I could potentially FAIL at something.


Fear of: bugs, spiders, rodents.  I know that these creatures serve a vital role in the ecosystem, but they seriously creep me out.  If I see a cockroach or a spider, I scream like a four-year-old girl and run and hide.  I don't know how I would act if I saw a mouse/rat, but I'm sure it would be quite similar!


Fear of: Something happening to all of my pictures.  This may sound silly, but I am terrified that a fire or other natural disaster will wipe out my family pictures.  I only have about eight years worth of pictures of my mom and dad together and those are very special to me.  I have a somewhat paranoid solution in mind--get a fireproof safe and put a hard drive full of my pictures in it.


Fear of: Vomit.  I kid you not, I am terrified of getting sick on my stomach.  Or other people getting sick on my stomach.  Or my dog.  You get the picture.  On the way back from Tom's grandparents' house, we had to go through the Bay Bridge Tunnel (a series of bridges and tunnels that lasts about 20 minutes) when Trevor announced that he didn't feel so good and needed a bag.  I scooted as far towards the window as I could and turned my iPod up on full blast.  He didn't get sick.  I had a panic attack when we walked in the house.  I have a problem.  (Tom's mom assures me that I will get over this when I have kids...we will see.)


Fear of: Heights/Falling.  I used to be a total daredevil and go look over edges of mountains and be totally fine.  Now, I freak out!  I still like roller coasters and drops, but if I ever wanted to bungee jump or jump out of an airplane...that is off!!

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Chelsea said...

I'm glad to hear your little pup is doing better... that sure sounds scary! But I hope you start feeling better too! I am the exact same way about spiders, bugs, etc. Just thinking about them freaks me out!!

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